Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I can feel it draining
my sanity that is
All the while I’m straining
like taking a pop quiz

Some days are good, some are bad
the voices do their own thing
My brain becomes their sketch pad
or a theory of the string

It’s slipping through my fingers
yep my sanity you guessed
Only a slight bit lingers
and for that I am quite blessed

I make it through the days
most seemingly normal
my mind is in a haze
but I appear formal

The voices may be crazy
but I trust they’ll get me through
Just stay clear of Scorsese
or the psycho will ensue

It’s fleeting but I’m ok you see
it’s a fact I embrace and admit
for the beauty of insanity
is a personality may split

10 Unleashed voices:

gracies tough journey said...

I feel that way more than I should wonderful post. Gracie

daydreamertoo.com said...

I wonder if any of us is truly ever fully 'sane' I guess it could be argued that most of us are not these carzy days.
Good prose and thanks for visiting me and the comment

Arlee Bird said...

Perhaps you need a nice relaxing vacation?

Tossing It Out

Titaxy said...

we all feel that way once in a while, don't we? :) Nicely written!

Eclipse said...

Beutifully written

Jingle said...

bless you.

keep inspiring.

Promising Poets Parking Lot said...

do share your poetry with poets rally week 45 today.

have fun with your 100 word challenge.

gsb3 said...

Nice job, quite rational, actually. If you are insane, you sure fooled me. Nice poem.

Whitesnake said...

who says madness isn't the norm really?

Mike Patrick said...

You seem quite sane to me . . . is that a butterfly? QUIT TALKING!

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