Monday, June 20, 2011

N is for News

Ok, for me it is day 5 of blog your name and to remind you all I'm blogging down Melanie so I'm on N.  Now if you missed blogs of the past then you can click on the following letters; M, E, L, A and you'll be brought to each of those blogs... nice and easy... just how I like it:-) 

Now N is for News.  What's that you say?  Not a fruit??  I know but I had to post my good news and then maybe it can be a 2fer and N can be for nectarines... cause I wish I had me some! 

So the news is I was awarded a Stylish Blogger Award and it was on the accounts of the Blog Your Name Blogs:-)  Well at least that's what Lizzie, over at The Magic Number is 159, said and she's not gonna fib in her own blog now is she??  No, so I believe her:-)  So here is my award & you can click on the little picture if you want to transport to her blog where she talks about it... or if you just want to see her blog in general then click on the name there and you'll be transported to it.

Now there are 3 rules to follow.  The first is to thank the person that gave it to ya and that I did on her blog plus I thank her again.... thanks Lizzie!  The next one is to tell 7 things about yourself and then the 3rd is to pass it on to 15 people.  Now the passing on part is the hard part!  I've learned that some people don't like the awards and some people do and I'm never sure who to award cause everyone is great in their own way.  So I'm going to just follow rules 1 and 2 to show my appreciation and reserve the right to pass this on later is the mood strikes:-)  Now on with the 7 things:

1) I am very shy in person, almost to the point of being an outcast.  Amazing I know but once I warm up and feel comfy I'm fun, I promise... let my blogs be proof:-)

2) I hate the taste of any kind of booze but I love margaritas or any slushy, alcohol induced drinks.  Ironic right?  Is that the definition of it?  I always have issues with that word. Regardless, it's the truth... most who know me know;-)

3)  I love to laugh, so much so that I will be the first to laugh at myself and I've been known to laugh in a lot of critical type moments.  Hey, if you can't laugh you cry and there's no crying in baseball... so they say but I'm usually bored to tears by it.

4)  I feel like I have undiagnosed A.D.D. and to be honest I'm so glad it was undiagnosed cause it gives me all the fabulous voices within that make my head this crazy, mixed up but enjoyable place... most days:-) 

5)  I can't swim but I jumped into the ocean in Jamaica from a cliff... about 25 feet high.  Ok, there was a little dude wading near by with a life jacket for me the minute I popped up but come on... how many others would do it (if they couldn't swim that is)??

6)  I love animals and I've never known what I wanted to be when I grow up but recently thought it may be cool to be a zoo keeper so I can talk with the animals. I then discovered that it costs too much money to go back to school, cause yes even zoo keepers need scholastic training, and I could talk to the animals for free at my house or at our local zoos. 

7)  I once had 16 pets but now I have 2 dogs (miniature pinscher & Jack Russel), a cat (Himalayan, Siamese mix) a bird (moluccan cockatoo) and then various house pests of the human and 4 legged persuasion (my sister, her kids, her boyfriend & their 2 dogs).

8)  I blog to keep sane cause keeping all this imagination cooped up within is enough to make a person crazy!  Plus it helps with the stress of daily life... & my human house pests!

Oops, got carried away there talking about me!  LOL... ok that's that.  Hope you all enjoyed the news.  I'm gonna have to make sure to get some nectarines next time at the grocery store and now I'm out to go make some dinner. 

Ya'll come back now tomorra ya hear??   It'll be I for... hmmmm, you'll just have to come back to see:-)

2 Unleashed voices:

Lizzie said...

The cliff jump? Uh-uh!!!! And I'm a pretty good swimmer. Your household sounds like SO much fun! I hope all the critters get along with each other...

Laurie Kolp said...

You're funny... I can relate to the ADD (I feel that way sometimes, too)... and you're very brave to dive off that cliff you little daredevil you.

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