Friday, June 17, 2011

E is for Edible Flowers

If you recall, I'm blogging my way through my name.  Yesterday was M so you can check that out here if you missed it.  Today is E... cause the name again is Melanie and it's day 2 for me so I'm on E:-)  My intent was to use fruits as my topic for each letter however I wasn't really able to find a fruit that begins with E.  Does anyone else know of one??  If so let me know in comments but for now I'm going with edible flowers. 

Pretty to look at but to eat??  I'm not so sure about that.  I know people do it and I guess if it's all I had but to actually pick one and eat it... yeah, I'll pass.  I guess some do smell good enough to eat and maybe when I was a kid I may have tried one or 2... especially if it looked like this:

That's the Borage, also known as the Blue Star flower.  If I ran into that I may give it a nibble or 2... it looks like it would be tasty.  I don't know what it is about blue things but I like blue drinks so I figure if it's blue it can't be bad.  I'm blaming it on my ongoing love for the Smurfs:-)  I'm not so sure about that hairy part but strawberries and raspberries... even peaches... are a little hairy at times and they are pretty good so I guess I can't really knock it until I try it right??  Supposedly this flower has a honey like taste.  I guess I'd imagine most would since bees often frequent flowers and then they make... honey.  Makes sense right?  Ok, so that flower isn't really within my reach.  I found it in Wikipedia under Edible flowers so if you click on the picture you too can read about the flowers and see that picture with a link to all the info on it. 

I also found a site that lists out all sorts of flowers that can be eaten and what they are like, they too talk about my friend the star flower even:-)  You can find it under What's Cooking America, Edible Flowers, just click right on that name if you are interested.  I'm not gonna eat any but some do grow in the local neighborhood gardens so it's rather interesting.  Now after reading through it I guess I do sorta recall a time or 2 where I may have nibbled on a tiger lily leaf or sucked on a lilac blossom... I was a kid... I've eaten an ant or 2 also but it doesn't mean I liked it!  LOL... maybe that's a topic for A??

Have you eaten flowers at all?  If so which ones and why??  Not that I'm criticizing, just wondering if it was in a dish or random;-)

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Julie said...

Elderberry, that's an edible fruit and it's really tasty and makes excellent jam and syrup.
We eat pansies and nasturtiums on salads, off the plants...just because we can and the kids love it. We eat honeysuckle, purple clover, yellow three leaf clovers, those red berries on those bushes that turn fast in the fall. I grew up out here in the woods, there is lots we can eat. Pine needle tea, with sugar it's okay.
I love this blogging letters from your name. That's cool.
Take care and have a blessed weekend.

mybabyjohn said...

Rose petals and candied violets, nasturtium in salads....all good.

Arlee Bird said...

It's funny--I was just looking at an ad in the paper for a restaurant that is all about edible flowers. I was looking at some flower bouquets that my wife had received from her students and wondering what it would be like to eat them. No experimentation for me though. Just my luck they be deadly poisonous or something.

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Stephanie said...

Nope...nothing! Great post. So that flowr does look a bit edible. Never tasted a flower...that you can actually eat and not find small bugs in there :)

Jenny said...

Rose petals and pansies..sometimes the blossoms of herbs! Beautiful post.

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