Monday, June 6, 2011

Double Dog Dare

Beware of thoughts that come in the night
for they could give you an awful fright
worse than those ocurring during daylight
when the scarrier things keep out of sight

At night you may think your brain shuts down
but really it dresses up as a clown
it's performing in the middle of town
wearing nothing but a flimsy sheer gown

You may not recall but it's true I swear
it has a big red nose and bright green hair
You don't have to believe me, I don't care
but it all took place on a double dog dare

9 Unleashed voices:

Jingle said...

wow, the first two lines instantly tickle me.

what a playful and beautiful verse. well done.

Lisa said...

Love your take. My version is very similar. How funny huh?

Great job.


alivealways said...

In one of HOW I met your mother episodes, it says to never listen to yourself after 2 at night, I tend to agree.

Mary said...

I enjoyed your poem immensely. Less serious than what I came up with. Less serious is GOOD.

Andy McDonald said...

I'm liking the more playful approach to this prompt. Great poem!

Jessica Prescott said...

Very playful and cute. A nice take on the prompt

beccagivens said...

full of delight!

Henry Clemmons said...

Now that's scary, the thoughts of dreams dressing up like clowns. Clowns freak me out, well kind of, at anyrate:) A great write. Got my attention.

gsb3 said...

Your silly humor is very refreshing and quite enjoyable. Good job for being so creative.

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