Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Deflected Spring

This seems to be the year spring forgot
we went from freezing to fricken hot
you may think I'm kidding but I'm not
some less humid days would hit the spot

It's Minnesota that I'm living in
the state capital, city of the twin
where summers end before they begin
and winters put us in a tail spin

Us natives know what we can expect
but this year things went awry I suspect
winter just continued to go unchecked
as spring's vacation caused it to deflect

Summer decided it's turn had come
and won its turn in a war of the thumb
we're happy it's here, we're no longer numb
but less humidity would be nice, be a chum

8 Unleashed voices:

Brian Miller said...

ha. playful yet...we have been in the midst of a heat warm...was nice it was overcast today and only in the 80s....spring was a quick peck on the cheek before she was out the door, i hope autumn will kindly stick around a bit when it is her turn...but first i could use a dip in the pool to get away from summers embrace...

dustus said...

"Summer decided it's turn had come
and won its turn in a war of the thumb" Clever lines. Nice work. Enjoyed your playful rhymes.

mark said...

Y'know, were this not so close to true, I'd be busting a gut laughing at the clever wordplay.

Still, this is nicely done.

versebender said...

Clever wordplay...and unfortunately....true. What happened to Spring, anyway? b

brokenpenwriter said...

Rather than complain about the weather, which every does and merely wastes time and spreads bad attitude, you wrote a poem - making the weather your inspiration and a forum of fun. Playful, sweet. Nice job!

Nomar Knight said...

There's just no pleasing some poeple. LOL I hope the humidity dies down. Lord knows after a brutal winter, you deserve it.

Living the wet life in Puerto Rico.

Lizzie said...


Pat Hatt said...

Actually we went from freezing to rain
Enough to make one pop a vein
Then when the sun came out for a peak
The next day the sky would take a leak
Lasting for a few more days
Before we saw any sort of rays
Then poof some clouds would roll in
And we get rained on for another sin
Hasn't been hot as hell here yet
But I'm sure pretty soon it will be and I'll fret

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