Wednesday, June 29, 2011

2 Ks and an Imposter

Jenny Matlock
Today is brought to you by the letter K and K is for Kinesiology.  I am an observer of sorts.  I love to people watch and just try to figure them out by what they do and how they act in any given situation.  I try not to judge but we all do a little don't we?  So since kinesiology is the study of human movement, basically, I am going to start calling myself a kinesiologist rather than an observer... it sounds less like stalkerish!  LOL!! 
You can't really fault one for liking to people watch, it's free entertainment.  Well, as long as you aren't caught and accused of staring or being nosey.  Some people are quick to throw down and I'm a lover not a fighter!  If there was to be a fight boys and girls then then we'd have another K word and that would be knockout!  I'd be on the receiving end of that one, or I may just faint... or fake fainting;-) 
Now the last little tidbit here isn't really a K word but it sounds like one.  I'm talking about the Corpse Flower...

Now you may be saying that it's an innocent enough looking flower/plant, why the deadly name??  Well, this flower smells like rotting meat as it blooms... yep, that's right!  Looks can be deceiving.  Now if you click on that there picture you'll be brought to the site that will tell ya all about it and there is a live cam that refreshes every 30 seconds.  Turns out this rottie (that's like hottie... but not:-) doesn't last long.  It blooms a few times, smells up the place and then it's done.  Hey, it just wants you to know it was there ya know??  Ya gotta check in early cause it likes to bloom in the morning/mid-afternoon hours, sort of an early riser and it may be enough to make some people eat healthy, vegetarian style for dinner:-)  This treasure is at our local Como Zoo & Conservatory and is certainly a great housewarming gift for anyone you may not like too much... hey, you can pretend you didn't know:-)

10 Unleashed voices:

Christine said...

Who would ever plant that, unless of course it kept mosquitoes away, I'd plant 50 of them right now.

Dazee Dreamer said...

I've heard about those plants, and I don't think I want to take a wiff, thank you very much.

I like the sound of kinesiology. Doing that kind of stalking at the airport is always a riot.

H said...

I've heard of these plants too, but thankfully, I've never smelled one!

Gattina said...

Thanks I now finally know what I am ! a kinesiologue ! lol ! sounds good !

Sue said...

A stinky flower. Doesn't that go against type?


Rocky Mountain Woman said...

People watching is one of my favorite pastimes!

Corpse flower, huh?

Jingle said...

beautiful information shared.
awesome K post.

Judie said...

I heard that the plant has that horrible odor to draw in insects and other small creatures, which it then devours and uses for its own growth.

I love people watching!!! Great post!!

Our Village is a Little Different said...

My boys are always watching documentaries about gross things like this. They wanted to buy one.. but when I offered to keep it in their room, they changed their minds.. ;)

Jenny said...

I had the dubious 'pleasure' of smelling that flower once, long ago.

I is a fragrance I will never forget.

And one I hope never to smell again!

Thanks for the memory. I think! (ha!)

Interesting link!


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