Thursday, June 30, 2011

7 Days A Week

Seven days a week
that's what there always is
but I don't like that math
it makes my brain just fizz

On Tuesday I was tricked
thinking Saturday was here
that made for a long week
even Friday wasn't near

Today it's finally Thursday
but I'm a day ahead
cause after all of that
I think it is Friday instead

I really can not win
but tomorrow is the day
then the weekend will be here
and I can finally play

It's a simple game of math
and numbers aren't my game
let's hope when Tuesday rolls around
I won't go through the same

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

2 Ks and an Imposter

Jenny Matlock
Today is brought to you by the letter K and K is for Kinesiology.  I am an observer of sorts.  I love to people watch and just try to figure them out by what they do and how they act in any given situation.  I try not to judge but we all do a little don't we?  So since kinesiology is the study of human movement, basically, I am going to start calling myself a kinesiologist rather than an observer... it sounds less like stalkerish!  LOL!! 
You can't really fault one for liking to people watch, it's free entertainment.  Well, as long as you aren't caught and accused of staring or being nosey.  Some people are quick to throw down and I'm a lover not a fighter!  If there was to be a fight boys and girls then then we'd have another K word and that would be knockout!  I'd be on the receiving end of that one, or I may just faint... or fake fainting;-) 
Now the last little tidbit here isn't really a K word but it sounds like one.  I'm talking about the Corpse Flower...

Now you may be saying that it's an innocent enough looking flower/plant, why the deadly name??  Well, this flower smells like rotting meat as it blooms... yep, that's right!  Looks can be deceiving.  Now if you click on that there picture you'll be brought to the site that will tell ya all about it and there is a live cam that refreshes every 30 seconds.  Turns out this rottie (that's like hottie... but not:-) doesn't last long.  It blooms a few times, smells up the place and then it's done.  Hey, it just wants you to know it was there ya know??  Ya gotta check in early cause it likes to bloom in the morning/mid-afternoon hours, sort of an early riser and it may be enough to make some people eat healthy, vegetarian style for dinner:-)  This treasure is at our local Como Zoo & Conservatory and is certainly a great housewarming gift for anyone you may not like too much... hey, you can pretend you didn't know:-)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ultimate Prize

There's a warrior within us all
sometimes we need to hear the call
and accept we can't all fear a fall
for all we know it could be a ball

Give it a chance you'll soon see
that life is but a mystery
there's no chance it'll be drama free
we have to deal with it to some degree

Resistance of one's happiness
is a bit futile let's not digress
cause even when life is a big mess
it's there to be found I must confess

Let the light shine through your eyes
show that life is your ultimate prize

Monday, June 27, 2011

Don't Choke

There are days when one just screams
and others where our inner soul beams
there are a few we rip off at the seams
so we can take them into our dreams

Don't live asking is that all there is
you can't get a life by visiting the Wiz
enjoying each day can be a hard biz
but it's life, enjoy it, it's not a pop quiz

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dear John

Jenny Matlock

I realize your job is dirty
and it ain't easy to stay purtee
while you are the butt rest for most here
and you face it daily with no fear

The boys will aim to be more on target
and the girls also need to, I'll admit
Dear John, we apologize to you
please stop flooding us with your tears of blue

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Game of Survival

Like a game of hide and seek
not easily found with a peek
it's a scary word that we don't speak
and if it's found most will freak

A six letter word that packs a punch
not something simply discussed at lunch
it definitely gives your soul a crunch
and at your life it will munch and munch

You can't let it win, you must always fight
and that will certainly take all your might
there is no rest, it's there both day and night
you mustn't ever give into the fright

It takes a village but can be beat

The 6 letter word is cancer and I dedicate this write to my boyfriend who is currently in a fight against Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia.... he is thankfully winning:-)  He also blogs and his poetry provides some in site to what he goes through emotionally, you can find his stuff at From My Wicked Ways to Turning a Phrase if you are interested.  A couple writes that expresses his feelings are Cathartic & Punching at Ghosts, do give them a read:-)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

E is for the End

Well today is the last day of Blog Your Name for me cause I've hit the end of Melanie, meaning I'm on that last E of course.  E is for the End.  It's the end of this blog challenge but not the end of my blogging so don't fret... not that you were or anything:-)

With a word like end I begin to wonder if anything really ever ends?  I mean, when you die some don't even believe it ends and how can we be sure really until we ourselves actually do?  I think things always lurk and we just choose to let them end per say.  I mean, no one really wants to die so I can't imagine any thing really wants to end either.  It just waits for someone to pick it up again or it morphs and continues in another fashion.  Yeah, so I guess what I'm saying is what I said at the beginning.... this challenge is ending but my blogging isn't so if you liked what you saw then follow, stick around, lurk, pop in again down the line... I'll be here... daily:-)

My nifty award for completing the challenge:-)

J is for.....

Jenny Matlock

Howdy ya'll.  I was thinking long and hard what to blog about for J and hadn't come up with anything until earlier this afternoon when I purchased tickets to see Jason Mraz in concert!  Yep, you guessed it... J is for Jason Mraz:-)


Now I love words and people who can use them in a clever, witty way.  This man is one of those people that definitely do that!  You can click on the picture above there to be brought to his website to check if out if you aren't familiar with him, or even if you are:-)  He's a cutie isn't he?  You'll be brought to the video section of his site so you can click on a video or 2 for a sampling or you can choose from the other sections of his site to learn all about him. 

I'll be heading to his concert on July 3rd, WOOT!  It'll be fun to see him in person.  He's quite the charitable guy too check out Wikipedia to see what they have on him.  Just click on that link I providing right above and it will give you a little more detail on what a good dude he seems to be on top of all the talent.  It's always nice to see talented people who don't let all the fame go to their heads and they don't keep it all in their pocket or spend it all on the lavish life. 

Well, that's about all I have to say on that... short one this time around... gives you time to check out the sites and give some of the tunes a listen;-)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I is for Imagination

It's day 6 of Blog Your Name so that brings me to I which is for Ich habe keine anug!  That's German for I have know idea... LOL!  Idea, Imagination??  Those are great I words.  I definitely have an imagination.  That's what makes me blog really.  I feel like I need to get it all out to make room for it to fill up again at times.  Now if only I had the talent to draw, paint, or create art.  I used to when I was younger and maybe I would now if I took the time but that skill I've let go of I think.  Now I appreciate art and I write instead I guess.  Another form of art right?  I couldn't find a fruit that started with I, or at least one that I found interesting enough to blog about.  Ok so imagination it is.

A while back I wrote a poem called Land of Imagination click on that and take a read.  Go ahead, I'll wait.... 



Ok... LOL... Sorry... shameless plug to get someone to read an old posting.  Well that and it works for I now doesn't it:-)  Hope you took the time to read it, if you did then leave a comment there to show you did and thank ya:-)

Monday, June 20, 2011

N is for News

Ok, for me it is day 5 of blog your name and to remind you all I'm blogging down Melanie so I'm on N.  Now if you missed blogs of the past then you can click on the following letters; M, E, L, A and you'll be brought to each of those blogs... nice and easy... just how I like it:-) 

Now N is for News.  What's that you say?  Not a fruit??  I know but I had to post my good news and then maybe it can be a 2fer and N can be for nectarines... cause I wish I had me some! 

So the news is I was awarded a Stylish Blogger Award and it was on the accounts of the Blog Your Name Blogs:-)  Well at least that's what Lizzie, over at The Magic Number is 159, said and she's not gonna fib in her own blog now is she??  No, so I believe her:-)  So here is my award & you can click on the little picture if you want to transport to her blog where she talks about it... or if you just want to see her blog in general then click on the name there and you'll be transported to it.

Now there are 3 rules to follow.  The first is to thank the person that gave it to ya and that I did on her blog plus I thank her again.... thanks Lizzie!  The next one is to tell 7 things about yourself and then the 3rd is to pass it on to 15 people.  Now the passing on part is the hard part!  I've learned that some people don't like the awards and some people do and I'm never sure who to award cause everyone is great in their own way.  So I'm going to just follow rules 1 and 2 to show my appreciation and reserve the right to pass this on later is the mood strikes:-)  Now on with the 7 things:

1) I am very shy in person, almost to the point of being an outcast.  Amazing I know but once I warm up and feel comfy I'm fun, I promise... let my blogs be proof:-)

2) I hate the taste of any kind of booze but I love margaritas or any slushy, alcohol induced drinks.  Ironic right?  Is that the definition of it?  I always have issues with that word. Regardless, it's the truth... most who know me know;-)

3)  I love to laugh, so much so that I will be the first to laugh at myself and I've been known to laugh in a lot of critical type moments.  Hey, if you can't laugh you cry and there's no crying in baseball... so they say but I'm usually bored to tears by it.

4)  I feel like I have undiagnosed A.D.D. and to be honest I'm so glad it was undiagnosed cause it gives me all the fabulous voices within that make my head this crazy, mixed up but enjoyable place... most days:-) 

5)  I can't swim but I jumped into the ocean in Jamaica from a cliff... about 25 feet high.  Ok, there was a little dude wading near by with a life jacket for me the minute I popped up but come on... how many others would do it (if they couldn't swim that is)??

6)  I love animals and I've never known what I wanted to be when I grow up but recently thought it may be cool to be a zoo keeper so I can talk with the animals. I then discovered that it costs too much money to go back to school, cause yes even zoo keepers need scholastic training, and I could talk to the animals for free at my house or at our local zoos. 

7)  I once had 16 pets but now I have 2 dogs (miniature pinscher & Jack Russel), a cat (Himalayan, Siamese mix) a bird (moluccan cockatoo) and then various house pests of the human and 4 legged persuasion (my sister, her kids, her boyfriend & their 2 dogs).

8)  I blog to keep sane cause keeping all this imagination cooped up within is enough to make a person crazy!  Plus it helps with the stress of daily life... & my human house pests!

Oops, got carried away there talking about me!  LOL... ok that's that.  Hope you all enjoyed the news.  I'm gonna have to make sure to get some nectarines next time at the grocery store and now I'm out to go make some dinner. 

Ya'll come back now tomorra ya hear??   It'll be I for... hmmmm, you'll just have to come back to see:-)

Adult A.D.D.

Float like a butterfly,
sting like a bee,
there’s nothing quite like my
adult A.D.D.

Look there’s a squirrel!
A purple kangaroo!
Hold it I’m late!
Remember the Shmoo?

The mind how it whirls,
I get nauseas at times,
so to keep in control
I often think in rhymes.

I love the Suess Grinch!
Man, oatmeal is grand.
I wonder how far
this rubber band will expand?

I’m not sure how I make it
to work every day.
Although it gets harder
cause I’d rather just play.

Oops, stretched it too far,
it looks like a worm.
No, I did it yesterday.
What a dirty medical term!

I often break out in giggles,
people may think I’m weird
but I hang with the sane
cause I use them as my beard.

What, that’s a gay term?
Well I can use it too!
Man, I think I’m hungry.
Remember the Great Kazoo?

Green is such a fun word.
I don’t want those peas.
How come all chopsticks
remind me of skis?

Sometimes being bored
is taken for granted
When the sun’s not out
does it still revolve the planet?

Complaining, no way, never!
I enjoy being random.
It’s like the sane and the insane
sides are sky diving in tandem.

Swirling thoughts linger,
much like teens at Abercrombie,
but I won’t ever become
a drug induced zombie.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Jenny Matlock

Life is like a carver
the body is the stone
not quite as fragile as glass
which may shatter when it's blown

Within the stone is beauty
just waiting to come out
if the path that's chosen fractures
it can be patched up with grout

Live life to the fullest
no matter what you do
you'll just look like a Picasso
if you end up all askew

Appreciate life's artwork
before you are unable
because before you know it
the stone becomes unstable

With the world as its museum
the carver does it's thing
your part is just living
your personality the bling

This entry also double as L for Blog your name out:-)  I'm blogging out Melanie and on day 3.

Friday, June 17, 2011

E is for Edible Flowers

If you recall, I'm blogging my way through my name.  Yesterday was M so you can check that out here if you missed it.  Today is E... cause the name again is Melanie and it's day 2 for me so I'm on E:-)  My intent was to use fruits as my topic for each letter however I wasn't really able to find a fruit that begins with E.  Does anyone else know of one??  If so let me know in comments but for now I'm going with edible flowers. 

Pretty to look at but to eat??  I'm not so sure about that.  I know people do it and I guess if it's all I had but to actually pick one and eat it... yeah, I'll pass.  I guess some do smell good enough to eat and maybe when I was a kid I may have tried one or 2... especially if it looked like this:

That's the Borage, also known as the Blue Star flower.  If I ran into that I may give it a nibble or 2... it looks like it would be tasty.  I don't know what it is about blue things but I like blue drinks so I figure if it's blue it can't be bad.  I'm blaming it on my ongoing love for the Smurfs:-)  I'm not so sure about that hairy part but strawberries and raspberries... even peaches... are a little hairy at times and they are pretty good so I guess I can't really knock it until I try it right??  Supposedly this flower has a honey like taste.  I guess I'd imagine most would since bees often frequent flowers and then they make... honey.  Makes sense right?  Ok, so that flower isn't really within my reach.  I found it in Wikipedia under Edible flowers so if you click on the picture you too can read about the flowers and see that picture with a link to all the info on it. 

I also found a site that lists out all sorts of flowers that can be eaten and what they are like, they too talk about my friend the star flower even:-)  You can find it under What's Cooking America, Edible Flowers, just click right on that name if you are interested.  I'm not gonna eat any but some do grow in the local neighborhood gardens so it's rather interesting.  Now after reading through it I guess I do sorta recall a time or 2 where I may have nibbled on a tiger lily leaf or sucked on a lilac blossom... I was a kid... I've eaten an ant or 2 also but it doesn't mean I liked it!  LOL... maybe that's a topic for A??

Have you eaten flowers at all?  If so which ones and why??  Not that I'm criticizing, just wondering if it was in a dish or random;-)

Welcome Back

Joyful ball of light
Good to see you in the sky
Right where you belong

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I is for Iamatology

Jenny Matlock

I is for Iamatology.  Who knows what that means??  I'll admit that when I saw it I immediately thought of

That's right... Snoop Dogg!  He's a tall OG alright;-)  I definitely see him saying it often, loud and proud!  He's an original gangster and he is tall alright, no one can doubt that.  It fits right??  He is a tall OG!

Ok, the word really is the branch of therapeutics that deals with remedies.  Not as fun as using it my way right??  I mean sure, they probably do good things and all but to hear Snoop Dogg tell it he's got the remedy for what ales you... so maybe he really is a limb from that branch too?? He's long and skinny like a branch anyway:-)  Hey and instead of board meeting they'd be hanging with the homies, drinking gin and juice!

The things that make me go hmmmmmmmmmmm.... 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Eyes Have It

It’s all in that icy stare
Or the one saying you care
The sunglasses, let’s be fair
You’re not just hiding from the glare

The eyes, they really say it all
In all creatures, big or small
Take a look, make the call
Perfectionism in a ball

Look deep within, they welcome you
There’s information, old and new
The person may not have a clue
It’s their eyes you see them through

The window to their soul
Get to know them is your goal
The mouth can be a big black hole
Get past that and you’re on a roll

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I can feel it draining
my sanity that is
All the while I’m straining
like taking a pop quiz

Some days are good, some are bad
the voices do their own thing
My brain becomes their sketch pad
or a theory of the string

It’s slipping through my fingers
yep my sanity you guessed
Only a slight bit lingers
and for that I am quite blessed

I make it through the days
most seemingly normal
my mind is in a haze
but I appear formal

The voices may be crazy
but I trust they’ll get me through
Just stay clear of Scorsese
or the psycho will ensue

It’s fleeting but I’m ok you see
it’s a fact I embrace and admit
for the beauty of insanity
is a personality may split

Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Meet Up

1.  What is your favorite yogurt flavor?

Frozen yogurt, does that count??  I'm not really a yogurt eater.  I try often but about 1/2 way through one I don't want to eat anymore... LOL.  However I guess there was this one that I did love and finish...

2.  Ankle or knee socks? and on the same theme, white socks or coloured??

I like ankle socks but in the summer definitely no socks... ever!  Ok, not never... when I wear tennis shoes then I must have socks.  In that case I like the little footie ones though and mostly white but sometimes a little color is fun too:-)

3.  How is the weather right now?

It's cool and breezy.  Well it was when I typed this... it's also night... LOL.  At least it's not humid and it was a nice day, that's all I can really ask for lately! 

4.  Are you a fast typer?

Yes.  I pretty much type all day, every day.  Ok, not all day I guess.  I do type a lot for work and at home for fun though so I do type fast.  How many words per minute?  I don't even know anymore but fast enough to keep up with the voices in my head as they want to get things out... er, um I mean... someone speaking at a normal pace:-)

5.  Red or White Wine?

I'm not a wine drinker... wine coolers maybe... LOL.  It would be red in those, it's usually the red, fruity ones I like:-)  I prefer a grand ol' margarita!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Week 1 Done!


Hey all, week 1 of the Slimmer this Summer challenge is done... WOOT!  Now it's time to evaluate how things went and I'll have to clear off somethings that didn't go so well.  Luckily the weight loss and eating, which is most important, went very well and that right there is what matters the most:-)  So, here is my loss for week 1

Created by MyFitnessPal - Nutrition Facts For Foods

Woo Hoo!!  Ok, so I was secretly hoping for more but I didn't do any exercising really so how I could expect anymore than that is beyond me... LOL.  The ankle swelling is still pretty bad and it was humid so I didn't get much walking in like I wanted.  I won't keep losing this much each week though so I really have to strive to get that exercise in there so that I do continue to lose!  So all in all, I am excited for my loss and hope that everyone else is doing great... I'll have to make some time to read how everyone did!  Now my evaluation process, that's your warning to bow out now cause it may get a little boring cause I'm just copying in what I said last week for my goal and then a little something about it.  Next time I'll do a better blog, I just ran out of time today.  Do check out my yummy food in goal 3 though, mmmmmm:-)

1) Begin the Advocare 24 day challenge on Monday. all This is a dietary supplement type program, with protein shakes and nutritional supplements. It's to be taken with a balanced diet for 24 days, as the name says:-) It's sort of a jump start to losing weight I guess. We'll see how it goes. You can click on the name if you want to check it out.

This went well.  The shakes and energy drink aren't too bad.  There is a fiber drink that you drink the first few days and that baby gets thick so you gotta be quick!  I have 3 more days of that starting Thursday. It's part of the cleansing phase, 3 days in the beginning and 3 in the end.  Then no more fiber drink, yippee! 

2) Stick with the Advocare challenge to the end. I tend to give up on things so I need to put this in here to remember not to do that! LOL.

So far so good on this one.  Haven't wanted to give up yet:-)

3) Eat healthier, of course! I'm cutting out the junk food, eating out, and trying to eat the small meals throughout the day to get that metabolism going normally again. I'm going to try to keep my daily calorie intake to 1400 or less. My little calculator app that I got for iPhone tells me that with where I'm at now & where I want to be by the end of this challenge, 1314 is the magic number:-) It's called igoalinformer if you want to check that out.

Check on eating healthier:-)  I even feel better!!  I purchased a food processor on Friday and used it today to cut up and process several veggies so I could prepare some stuff for week 2!  In fact I shared it on facebook even so I'll share it with you here!


Look at that.... yummy:-)  At the top there we have tomatoes then cucumbers and then the salad that I made with them.  Just simply mixing them with vinegar, water, spices and some pured onion (cause I don't like to bite into onion... LOL).  The 2nd row is tomatoes, onion and garlic and then the 2nd picture is after it was pured into a sauce.  Next is summer squash and then row 3 starts out with zucchini.  The next picture in row 2 is a dish I made with all those ingredients, along with some whole wheat pasta and 1/2 pound of ground turkey, along with some extra spices for flavor.  It may not look too good but it's tasty and will be lunch or dinner all week:-)  Last is just a few chicken breasts that have been spiced up so that they can marinate overnight to be grilled for dinner on Monday and a few more after.  Love my food processor!! 

4) Drink water! I'm cutting out everything else, besides the protein shake & stuff that is part of Advocare. I'm going to try to get in about 128 oz a day. I may have to work up to that but we'll see how it goes. I'm trying out a fun website through Meyou Health for this too, it's supposed to help encourage ya and it's called EveryDrink. That's a new find and I'm not sure how it will work, we'll see after the first week if I want to keep using it or not... LOL.

I got all the water in plus some.  I gave up the EveryDrink site cause it didn't work to well since I'd have to download it at work and that's a no no.  I just tracked it on my own through myfitnesspal.  Most days I drank about 140 oz so way more than I set my goal for.  Yay for me!!

5) I don't currently get any exercise really and I have some pretty back ankle swelling that is happening so my feet annoy me. I'm going to try to get some walking in though. I'm going to shoot for 30 minutes a day for now. I do have this fun little app for my iPhone where you walk steps while holding it against your hip and it tracks them for you as if you were climbing famous monuments. It's called Monumental so while I hate walking steps maybe I'll enjoy it a little more this way:-) I hope to get some steps in so that I cover the first 3 monuments (Museum of Art, Leaning Tower and Statue of Liberty).

Like I mentioned earlier, this exercise goal didn't go well.  I gave up the Monumental app cause it wasn't really what I was expecting and it was more of a hassle than it was worth... it's more of a fun game if you want to check it out.  I did walk Monday but only around my block a couple times.  It was humid and not so good.  I got the ankle swelling down over the weekend so I'm going to try to walk on break at work this week and see how that goes.  Maybe it will help so that my ankle won't swell up as much this week!!  This is going to be the hard part for me... EXERCISE!!

6) I'm bad with numbers and measurements and all but I'm going to shoot for a 20 pound loss during this challenge. I'm secretly hoping for more but 20 is a healthy doable number. It's a little over 2 lbs a week but I figure because I'm starting fresh, I may have a bigger loss this first week. I'll probably use Myfitnesspal for this cause they too have an iPhone app, a cool ticker and I can track calories and exercise:-)

I'm doing well to make this goal... 9 pounds in 1 week... WOOO HOOO!!

7) Since I'm bad with the measurements and all I can't really say what I want to lose with this challenge in numbers cause I really have no idea what is realistic. I think it should however be feasible to have my summer close fit a little less snug than they do now. I'll just toss out an overall loss of 5 inches in the waist... if it happens then woo hoo for my guessing! LOL! I guess the for sure goal is to measure myself each week to see how I'm shrinking. Arms, legs, waist, hips and neck (I was told the neck will shrink...LOL). For this I'll be using my nifty measuring tool I bought a month ago, it's awesome:-)

I did take all my measurements before week 1 started but I'm not going to remeasure quite yet.  I figure it's a little early so I'll remeasure at the end of week 4.

8) I recently joined up the the MEYOU Daily Health Challenge so I hope to continue with that & complete each daily task. It's a little fun twist on getting healthy so I encourage others to check it out. If you are a facebook member you can join the challenge, they utilize the same sign in.

I have been keeping up with this and it's pretty fun.  The people out there are encouraging and fun so it's been great.  They are just fun little daily tasks for your overall well being.  If you haven't checked it out then I suggest that you do:-)

9) I leave this open to add more goals that I can't think of right now without overwhelming myself... LOL. My major goal is to just lose, keep it off and hopefully stop my feet and ankles from swelling! Oh and to only step on my new scale once a week!

No new goals.  I've decided what apps and tools worked and which didn't so I will continue on but without the ones that didn't.  The overall goals remain the same cause I know I will do it!!  I hope everyone else is doing AWESOME!  I'll be stopping in to find out, see ya then;-)

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Chamber

Jenny Matlock

The body is a fortress
protecting the chamber within.
It's been there forever
well, as long as I've been.

It's a structure that's sound,
the chamber that is,
cause the fortress takes work
it's a life long biz.

The wall was built long ago
to keep people out.
There's a drawbridge and moat
with no fear of a drought.

When the drawbridge is down
there's some cause for concern.
Don't want bad people in
for my world they'll upturn

Sometimes it's too hard to tell
and so through they do get
but the chamber's secure
so they're really no threat.

There's a lock on the chamber
one that can not be picked
and those that do try
will have some conflict.

There's a key that is needed
to get to the core
and only a special few
are allowed inside the door.

If you figured it out
then boy you are smart
but for those that haven't
the chamber's my heart.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Refills on Lemonade

Today is a glass of fresh squeezed lemonade
without the annoying pulp
I filled my glass full very quickly this morning
and throughout the day I gulp

We’ve had freezing and humid weather galore
so far in this crazy year
that when we receive these rare beautiful days
we must drink up and cheer

Too bad I spend most of the day cooped up inside
good thing for the window
my compliments go out to Nature’s fine chef
cause boy that picture does glow

But work I must to pay the bills
later hopefully some thrills
and tomorrow maybe refills

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Deflected Spring

This seems to be the year spring forgot
we went from freezing to fricken hot
you may think I'm kidding but I'm not
some less humid days would hit the spot

It's Minnesota that I'm living in
the state capital, city of the twin
where summers end before they begin
and winters put us in a tail spin

Us natives know what we can expect
but this year things went awry I suspect
winter just continued to go unchecked
as spring's vacation caused it to deflect

Summer decided it's turn had come
and won its turn in a war of the thumb
we're happy it's here, we're no longer numb
but less humidity would be nice, be a chum

Monday, June 6, 2011

Double Dog Dare

Beware of thoughts that come in the night
for they could give you an awful fright
worse than those ocurring during daylight
when the scarrier things keep out of sight

At night you may think your brain shuts down
but really it dresses up as a clown
it's performing in the middle of town
wearing nothing but a flimsy sheer gown

You may not recall but it's true I swear
it has a big red nose and bright green hair
You don't have to believe me, I don't care
but it all took place on a double dog dare

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Suspension

Jenny Matlock

All good things
must meet the end
like saying goodbye
to an old friend

Joys of junk food
I must suspend
so my backside
will not offend

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Where is Summer

The leaves are blowing
Like Fall is already here
But where was Summer

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