Thursday, May 19, 2011

Word Travels

Love is a many splendid thing
but sometimes it's quite splintered
and either way it can provide
fuel for mouths in need of a mint turd.

Who's baby's whose and why it's here
or why it's not and where it is.
Who's cheating here who's cheating there
it's even better if their in show biz.

Gossip makes the world go round
or so that's how it seems.
If it weren't the truth then why oh why
is it produced from so many reams?

There is TV and the Internet
that helps to spread it too.
It can travel faster than
crap on the bottom of your shoe.

Sometimes it's hard to pass it up
some of it's entertaining
but when you go out of your way
you deserve whiplash from straining.

Rumors come and rumors go
but people, they have feelings
so we really should keep that in mind
as we pretend we're flies upon their ceilings.

6 Unleashed voices:

Greyscale Territory said...

Rumours and gossip are very close buddies! Some interesting thoughts!

beccagivens said...

It can fall on both ends of the spectrum -- nonetheless, can turn out dangerous if you are caught in the middle and don't know the truth! ;-)

trisha said...

this is too good :)


Christine said...

You deserve whiplash from straining... love this line. Nice title too.

Stephanie said...

Can I still enter your contest? Please leave a comment at my blog :)

Steve Isaak said...

Good imagery, solid sentiments.

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