Sunday, May 29, 2011


Today I think I fully realized that sometimes you just need to take a real 'me' moment, or day.  Sure I don't really have a family that I tend to and everything I do is pretty much for me but I don't think I ever just take the moment to just relax and reflect that everyone should really take more often in life. 

I got my first pedicure today.  I've always said that it wasn't my think cause my feet are ticklish or whatever but mainly its a comfort thing.  I have self conscious issues of major degrees so to have someone in my personal space bubble gets to be a little uncomfortable for me.  I've been toying around with the thought lately though to give one a try and so today I did.  It was oh so awesome.  The soaking, scrubbing, massaging, and then painting of the toenails all while I sit in this recliner from heaven.  The thing massages while you are having your feet done.  Now a massage is also something I've never had professionally done and that I most likely never will but that chair... yeah, it can massage me anytime!  LOL. 

Now the color I picked for my toenails.... Keys to my karma.  How perfect is that??  I definitely need something to help me in that department.  I'm not sure what I did to irritate Karma but whatever it was she/he isn't letting it go.  My sister and her kids, who were supposed to be gone, are still with me.  They just won't go away.  I feel like it's become my destiny or fate to be with them forever.  Just my luck that my destiny or fate is the equivalency to a trailer park, stripper... LOL... ok, no bad talking trailer parks, they can be nice now a days:-)

Anyways, the pedicure was great and it's definitely something I need to do for myself every.... well, however often one does those things.  I'll have to check with a friend who does it regularly to find out.  The other thing is that while all that foot work and massaging is being done there is all this time for the thoughts to swirl around in my head.  That's not always a good thing but lately I need to have, what my boyfriend would call, a "come to Jesus meeting" with myself to decide what it is I want in life and what I need to do to get it.  That real down and dirty, honest type of thinking process where I have to admit that I am where I am and living with who I live with because I allow it and there really is no other reason than that!

Whew, ok I'm going to end it there and leave you with a shot of the handy work of the pedi man (yep it was a man that did this:-)  Oh, and don't ya just love the flip flops?  They are Margaritaville brand and they have little margaritas on them! Perfection never displayed it's self better... unless of course I was holding a margarita while wearing them... alas I was not, but some day I will be for sure!

2 Unleashed voices:

Dazee Dreamer said...

I was like you before my first pedicure, and now I'm hooked. The weird thing about me, well, sometimes I pick the color by what the name of the color is. ssshhhh don't tell anyone. :)

Jenny said...

I love pedicures! That color is fabulous, too! Happy Memorial day!

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