Sunday, May 22, 2011

Random Recommendations

First, for all you cake and ice cream lovers out there I recommend Ben & Jerry's Red Velvet ice cream.  Yeah, it's pretty awesome... you should try it if you haven't.  Even if you don't like the cake....

Mmmmm, I want some now... Ok next is a YA trilogy about trolls.  Yep, trolls.  Not too many of those out there right?  The author is Amanda Hocking and the books are the Trylle Trilogy (Switched, Torn & Ascend).  They are a fun read and she has a pretty fun blog so click on her name & check her out, click on the book below & check it and the 2nd & 3rd out.

I'm actually reading Ascend right now:-)  My next recommendation is for you to watch SNL when Justin Timberlake hosts.  He's hosting tonight actually but he's hosted twice before & I have to say I love him!  Here's one of the skits from when he was on in 2003...

There is of course also the Dick in a Box and Mother Lover songs, yeah... I'll leave those to you to look up if interested being that they are sort of touchy subjects. LOL.... Ok, the last recommendation for today is Be The Change blog because there are uplifting and positive posts there and it's a woman who is living it and being the change.  Here is a video on the inspiration from the mother of the inspiration and the founder of Be The Change.  I worked with Theresa for a while and she is a fun, outgoing, positive and amazing person

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V. Furnas said...

I love the face she is making on the frozen start up screen. Being the change must be stressful.

Looking forward to checking it out, thanks for sharing.

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