Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Own It

The topic for today's Nablopomo is "What decision is currently weighing on your mind?"  I have to admit that it's a little funny to me because I've had a couple things on my mind lately and weight is even one of them!  Man, talk about all the signs pointing to go.  A week ago i blogged about preparing for a trip on the trail to a healthy new me and I've been waiting to find the right path.  I guess it's not going to just clear its way for me and I'm going to have to pull out the weed whacker and forge one myself.  It'd be nicer if it were a garden that I needed to harvest to find that path, at least then I'd have some healthy eats to benefit from:-)  Guess I'll have to use the grocery store or maybe the Farmer's Market for that stuff.

My other decision is really made for me... ok maybe not really.  I'm just sort of presented with an opportunity to turn some one's misfortune into my fortune I guess.  Is that bad?  I think that's the part that weighs on me... as if I didn't have enough weight already!  Sometimes you have to take advantage and the other person needs to learn to forge their own way you know?  I know that logically but deep within it's hard.  I have to make that decision though, I think it's just time to live my life and retain some semblance of sanity for as long as I can keep some grip on what remains:-)

So there it is, my decisions.  It's time, time for both to be made.  Time to accept them, own them and make them work for me I guess.  Ok, I can't really it's time to do cause you can't really succeed if you don't every really try right?  Decisions, decisions, decisions... time to own them!

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2 Unleashed voices:

Vanilla Mama said...

Someone's misfortune maybe a gift from above for both of you! Take the good that can come from it and offer it up in prayer for the person that lost it.

Faith said...

I agree with Vanilla Mama! Turn something negative into a positive for both of you!

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