Saturday, May 14, 2011


Jenny Matlock

Hush little baby
don't you cry
I didn't mean to
poke your eye
but I was just
waving good bye
wishing you luck
hoping you don't die

I'll finally be free
on your own now
you can't come back
you've broke this bough
you are without
you'll learn how
you'll find another
I will avow

Guilt's on me
I'll live with it
if sent to court
they would acquit
I've been through
Hell's firey pit
I made out
I'm in orbit

Once again
ciao to you
as time passes
I'll feel less blue
my mind less scattered
but still askew
the happy me
makes her debut

11 Unleashed voices:

cj Schlottman said...

Very clever and a direction I would have never dreamed of for this prompt. Wonderful the way you moved from unhappy to happy! I especially like these phrases: "I'll finally be free on your own now you can't come back you've broke this bough" and "I've been through Hell's firey pitI made out I'm in orbit"
Great job.


Judie said...

This is some pretty serious poetry here. A wonderful offering for the prompt!

Amanda said...

Very smart!

jeff campbell said...

Powerful...much here to ponder...a full circle...Peace and blessings said...

This is really intriguing. It seems there's much more story to be told. Nicely done.

Sue said...

Sometimes endings are the best beginnings.


Porky said...

This certainly bears thinking about. I'll second the comments on language and depth.

Ames said...

This sounds like a serious parting of the ways. Reminds me of an old neighbor who's daughter would skip school every day and the mother (a single parent) had the locks on the house changed so she wouldn't hang out with her boy friend all day. The bad boy friend talked her daughter into calling the police on her. The cops came and dragged the mother from her bed at night and charged her with neglect. The daughter wasn't even there. She climbed out her bedroom window and was out with the boy friend. Needless to say she manage to get the charges dropped ($15,000 later) and she has a very strained relationship with her daughter to this day.
My husband always said once your children are old enough to make up their own mind you can't be held responsible all the time for their choices. I liked this poem!~Ames

Nonna Beach said...

Yikes is this ever GREAT !

A possible anthem for all those sad and devastating partings ? Perfect ! And I am so glad happiness and freedom resulted too.

Rek said...

A distraught parent happy to see an errant child grow up and leave them some peace, perhaps?
loved the centus in verse

Jenny said...

"Broke the bough"? That little phrase alone had my jaw dropping...and then I read all the rest of your perfectly wrought words.

You are really an amazing writer. I love all the facets of your story.

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