Monday, May 2, 2011

Healthy Living Plans

It's all about baby steps right now while I ready myself for some lifestyle changes.  When I start getting into the healthy eating/losing weight mode I always feel like I need a new scale.  Don't ask me why, maybe it's because the one I have has usually sat for quite some time since I stepped on it last so I don't feel it's good at it's job any longer.  Maybe it's because with all the new advancements in technology I just want an excuse to get a cooler one that does more.  I don't know really.  So I head to, you know... where all great shopping can easily be done:-)   I do some searching and there are oh so many awesome scales but I have a budget that I must adhere to so most of those are out of the question, dang it!  So I have to put in some limits and see what cool stuff I can find at a little cheaper price.  Low and behold I find the Omron Full Body Sensor Body Fat and Body Composition Monitor:

This baby sounds awesome and had tons of excellent reviews and is under $75 so I say SOLD!  You can click on the picture there to go to the page in Amazon if you want to read all about what it does.  No fancey Wifi or anything like that but it checks out all the stuff you want to know about while trying to balkanize:-)  I totally love that term! 

Well then I think, hey I need to be able to take measurements too!  Now I hate that part cause I never feel like a tape measure and me are accurrate.  Am I using the same amount of tightness each time or giving myself more or less credit by the amount I use time after time?  So I do a little searching and find this nifty tool:

The MyoTape Body Tape Measure.  Again, you can click on the picture there to read all about it and the reviews on it but it sounds awesome.  With a push of the button it measures with the same amount of tightness each time so that your measurements are more accurrate.  This little baby is under $6 so once again I say SOLD!

My tools came in the mail on Saturday, Amazon is so quick!  Prior to getting those tools however I did also purchase a kit to aid in my start off to a healthy new me.  This I've had for a couple weeks now but have yet to start it because I've been waiting for the right frame of mind.  I'm getting there:-)

You can click on that picture too if you want to read more about it.  This is the 24 Day Challenge from Advocare.  I purchased it through a lady that I work with, who also uses their products and thinks that they are very helpful when trying to balkanize.  They are a bit pricey but hey, it's pricey to eat like I have in the past also... LOL!  This is to kick start things and maybe give me the energy to stick with it.  The kit I purchased through her is a little different cause she caters it more towards keeping muscle and losing fat but you'll get the gist from the one pictured above.

So I have my tools, what am I waiting for right??  I mean, I even bought new pants to wear when I do some extra walking outside with the dogs, got some comfy tennis shoes, the iPod is filled up with tunes... etc.  I'm waiting to get rid of a few stressers in my life.  If I don't I fear I will fail so in the meantime I am at least eating less so that when I do my first official weigh in it will be at least a little less than it was a few weeks ago when I did the "just curious" one:-)

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Heather McWhorter said...

You will do GREAT - and you know I'm here to encourage you :) That scale looks pretty spiffy! I went with the bike instead of the new scale I wanted. It will have to wait I suppose. The bike will actually help - the scale just tells me when I screw up. LOL

Also - I've been putting off exercise for the longest time too. I managed to get off 30 lbs without it - but I'm certain that's because I have so darn much that I need to lose! But diet is (from what I've read lol) about 90% of the battle. So you are taking some steps! I definitely believe in baby steps! Now if you'll excuse me... my stomach is violently revolting against those darn cookies I ate... What allergy theory PROVEN! hehe


Rae Rae J said...

You are ready, chica! :) Woohoo!

Felicia said...

GO GO GO you! Any excuse for new goodies is always cool I say lol. EW EW EW on the working out. So hear ya there. Started yesterday working out ( ok Wii'ing out lol) Cant say I feel instantly better but it was a blast for sure. 30 minutes poofed by and not only had I finally DONE it but was a real shocker to see how far out of shape I really was *sigh* anyways BEST OF LUCK TO YOU! 1 step at a time as they say.


ThunderThighs said...

Woot woot!! Isn't it fun getting new toys!! You look like you're ready to go! Good luck :)

Marlee said...

Hey!! Love the new toys, they look so fun!

I'm a grad student studying to become a nutritional counselor, and I'm glad to see someone so motivated as yourself! Keep up the great work, it'll all pay off eventually!!

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