Sunday, May 29, 2011

Give Thanks

Jenny Matlock

A lifetime of service
that's what we all put in
some choose to go beyond
and just with that they win

It's our world they fight for
each and every day
some may have second thoughts
others feel it's the American way

There's a legacy of heroes
all throughout this world
we celebrate them all
with every flag unfurled

With every breath taken
in the days to come
let's remember those who fight
for our safety and freedom

For those who don't appreciate
the plight of thier fellow man
remember how good you have it
you could live in Afgahastan

10 Unleashed voices:

Judie said...

I appreciate the valor of our soldiers in Iraq, but I seriously question the decisions of the politicians who put us there. Please read my post.

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

I agree! Happy Memorial Day:@)

JL Dodge said...

I too agree !!
Nice post !

Olive Tree said...

I agree that we need to appreciate our soldiers, fallen soldiers, veterans. I have a problem with how war started, however. I enjoyed reading your poem. Good work. Have a wonderful Memorial Day.

gautami tripathy said...

Wonderful post. A reminder...

jingling chains

Nonna Beach said...

Excellent job !

Giving thanks apart from why a war was started is what every service member deserves and has earned by putting their lives on the line during peace as well as war !

Sue said...

Well done.


Christy said...

I love how your poem started out so solemn, and then you made me laugh at the end :-)

cj Schlottman said...

This piece speaks volumes, and you wrote it down so well. A great reminder of how we take our freedom for granted. Thanks for the reminder.


Jenny said...

I love how you wrapped this up. That final couplet really made me think. This was wonderful.

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