Friday, May 13, 2011

The Fuzzy Escape

There’s a cavalcade of kookiness
here within my head
Cookies are involved, nutty ones at that
they're leaving crumbs in the bed

Much like the irreverent bed bug
taken too lightly
They may sneak right up on ya beware
as they visit nightly

They escape one crazy for another
cause they’re fun like that
Please be gentle when you lay down tonight
so they don’t go splat

Getting around is easy for them
they travel in the wind
and they could land on you whenever
unless of course you’re skinned

You know you want to meet and host them
to have a little fun
and make your escape from reality
but if not you can’t outrun

They’re superfluously contagious
boy that’s a mouthful
but you’ll think they’re great and snuggly
much like soft sheep wool

You won’t be sorry if you catch them
as they make their great escape
but once you have them they’re there for good
no matter how hard you scrape

I highly recommend clicking on the picture of the fuzzy cyclops that heads out this poem & checking out that site, I love the imagination that schemes up the little creatures there:-)

4 Unleashed voices:

Kim Nelson said...

You make your head sound like a bustling county fair! ;-)

trisha said...

this is too good!!!!!!

loved that pic, its cute as a button :)

bendedspoon said...

lol! I enjoyed reading :)

Lolamouse said...

Yuck!!! I just read an article that said that MRSA has been found in bedbugs! Maybe I'll start sleeping in the tub!

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