Sunday, May 1, 2011

Friends and Family

Some are given to you
while others you may choose.
People should think wisely
or a chance they just may lose.

Blood may be thicker than water,
it's not always needed.
Strangers come into your life
and others are superseded.

Family's what you make it,
the ties that bond aren't knotted.
Sometimes blood just thickens
and often becomes clotted.

Sometimes strings must be cut
while others are created.
Some relationships come and go
while others are just fated.

Friends and family, family and friends
the lines can become blurry
but if you are a true one
you really needn't worry.

6 Unleashed voices:

barbara said...

nicely done. A friend once wrote me and said "family is those who must take you in when you come home."

I prefer to think that family is those who WANT to take you in and love you when you come home. :)

Tara R. said...

I really felt this line: 'Family's what you make it/
the ties that bond aren't knotted."

Some of my chosen family is closer to me than biological family.

karen said...

I have chosen to be apart from some very close family members, and grit my teeth as I continue to give to others. I struggle with those choices, and how to move forward to them, being that I come from an extremely tiny family base ...

I think the idea that blood can become clotted is an amazing image, and painfully true.

Funny, the poem hit me more this evening (I read it this afternoon, but maybe I was distracted) after reading your comment on my page. Connections are funny things, eh?!

O I do love to comment. Great piece.

Teresa said...

Great look at all the connections in our lives.

clew said...

A lovely piece. This is a bittersweet prompt for me this round. Having just lost my father, I'm feeling the warmth of family ties, both of blood and of soul.

Velvet Verbosity said...

Great little poem.

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