Friday, May 6, 2011

Fraggin Friday the 3rd

~~ the beginning~~

1)  I was thinking that the word booger is sort of funny for such a gross thing and therefore the word becomes gross too.  So it's sorta weird that the boogie is a dance.  Is it a gross one?  Did someone get a booger on them so they were jumping or shaking around and that became known as the boogie?  Yeah, see what happens when I'm stuck in a traffic jam??
2)  I've decided that my house has the power to make inanimate object animated.  Why you ask, or how?  Well I'm not sure why or how it does it exactly and if I did I probably wouldn't tell cause I'm sure I could patent it or something.  Oh, how do I know it does it?  Well things disappear and nobody knows where they went.  Ok maybe that means the house knows how to make things disappear and not really make them animated but how do you know?  They are invisible!   Anyways, it happens a lot but I think that when the animated objects (house pests) leave they will somehow take that magic power with them and things will no longer disappear;-)
3)  Wonders if other people have discovered that they can listen to the first few sentences and the last few words of a rambling talker and know enough of what was said to pretend you were listening the whole time when really thinking about... well anything but what the person was talking about?  How do I know, well cause I ramble when I talk;-)
4)  What are people thinking when they name their kids now a days?  I can appreciate wanting to have an original name and all but they are kids not pets.  You can be create on the pets cause cruel kids don't really make up cruel nick names and rhymes about pet names, they are too cute so they can pull them off;-)  Apple, Monaco, Soviet... those aren't people names... heck, I wouldn't even give my pets those names.  Although, maybe Apple could keep the doctor away?
5)  Is realizing that the tulips in my yard are just afraid to grow this year for fear that the house pests will pick them or the dogs will pee on them. 
6)  Wonders if she were to dye her thumb green could she then become a great gardener?
7)  Really thinks laundry would be so much more fun if her house would use it's animation powers to make it... well maybe, not disappear further than from the dryer to the closet or dresser drawers all on its own.
8)  Is definitely going to see Thor sometime this weekend.  All I know about him really is that he was the little girl's idol in Adventures in Babysitting but the preview looked pretty awesome and for some reason I'm drawn to the movies that are made from comic books and graphic novels:-)
9)  The Festival of Nations began on Thurs so that is another thing I'll have to make it to this weekend.  The last time I was there was.... somewhere between, 5th and 8th grade.  Man, that's over 30 years now.
10)  Realized if she spoke in fragments people would have to listen the whole time to know what the heck she was talking about;-)
11)  I was asked if I like beginnings and I have to say that great things have a beginning, without it you wouldn't have anything.  Yes some of those things turn out bad but they too have an ending so it's not forever.  Although sometimes you wish it was, which you couldn't do if it didn't begin at all right?

~~The End~~

3 Unleashed voices:

Ann in the UP said...

Wow, you came up with lots of fragments! You must have been kept at stop signs quite a lot this week. I think it's funny that there are words that just strike you funny----like boogie, or apoplexy, or pomegranate.

Thanks for fraggin!

Dazee Dreamer said...

The boogie dance is really quite a concept.

And really, did you need to make me spit coke zero while laughing so hard.

Mrs4444 said...

That's funny--The thing about "boogie." What an excellent point.

I once had a student (in a residential facility for juvenile delinquents) whose name (and I kid you not) was Robert Trouble Taylor. What is wrong with people?!

Good luck getting that animation thing down--Let me know if you figure it out! :)

You really did "unleash the voices" for these fragments (which is a good thing, btw!) They talked and talked and talked. Don't you just love unloading fragments?! Thanks for linking up :)

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