Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Coma

Day in and day out 
I go through the routine
parts of life put on hold
while others just careen

It's like a subconscious coma
I'm experiencing
I'm the walking unconscious
my sanity it's condensing

There isn't much life support
for fear the plugs will be pulled
when too much is divulged
relationships are annulled

Other's problems are often worse
I keep trying to believe
but it's my problems I'm dealing with
so I'm provided with no reprieve

Regardless I'll make it through
the spirit may be frayed
but it's strong and persistent
so that flat line won't be displayed

14 Unleashed voices:

Brian Miller said...

glad you have that strong spirit..life can be pretty rough at times...and hard to find that balance...

Nilofer said...

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Mama Zen said...

You've conveyed that horrible feeling really well!

kez said...

life can get kind of repetitive but we all wake up at some point ...great poem thank you

LceeL said...

Nice job on this. Excellent response to the prompt.

janice said...


must say i am glad to have found your poem...and could not have found it at a better time personally...your words are direct and concise and grab hold of my awareness, as it is so easy to fall between the lines of life and lose track of their meaning, lose track of our spirit...your poem's ending is so needed to be reminded of, and thank you for reminding me...a wonderful write...thank you for this one!!

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

My son loves to write poetry, he would love this!

Pat Hatt said...

Yes one must keep at it
Even if you have a fit
As that feeling must persist
Even if you want to shake your fist
Enjoyed how you conveyed your poem
As I came to roam

bardicblogger said...

Great poem for the Unconscious prompt!

L. M. Leffew said...

Definitely something I can relate to. I really love the phrase "subconscious coma."

Nicely done.

Carrie said...

I've been feeling similar lately. Walking through the days, just going through the motions. Blah...I hope it is just the weather. We need some sunshine around here.

Visiting from 100 words

Tara R. said...

Very intense. You conveyed the depth of emotions so well here.

Simply Wren said...


Jenny said...

This is wonderful. I could feel the emotion so strongly here.

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