Sunday, May 8, 2011

Enjoy the Warmth

In the merry month of May
in a morn by break
there are flowers in my way
no more dreary paths of grey

The snow has come the snow as gone
there is morning dew now on the lawn
the sun no longer is withdrawn
and warmer weather it will spawn

There's a magic in the air
and soon more skin people with bare
you'll often wonder how they dare
but when it's hot they just don't care

The cold with make it's grand return
so will frostbite instead of sun burn
and the lesson we should learn
is one must not warm weather spurn

3 Unleashed voices:

Christine said...

Just said to my hubby not even an hour ago, now it's Spring, the hint of cool air is gone and the warmth is starting to be felt in the evening. Never do I spurn this weather, it is so precious when you live as North as I do.

Kim Nelson said...

A hopeful look forward as May warms, day by day. nice.

trisha said...

loved the beautiful picture it created in mind.

lovely poem.

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