Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Breaking Away

In just a matter of 18 days
my house will be my home again
before the end of the month of May
here's hoping that no one ruins my plan.

There's lots of fixing that needs to be done
to the house and to my sanity. 
To do so there are some I'll need to shun
simply for their pure inhumanity.

I'll feel some guilt I'm sure of that
but then I'll remember the last 4 years.
The crazy drama and daily combat,
the hurtful words, heartache, pain and tears.

There comes a time when one must be selfish
to preserve their heart and their health.
Breaking away from family is no one's wish
and sometimes to do it you must be stealth.

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Claudia said...

not an easy step you are taking...hope everything turns out well and you find home again...can feel the vulnerability in your words..

Di said...

Sometimes you have to do what you have to is never easy. Best wishes for the future.

Brian Miller said...

yes, this is a hard course, but sometimes you have to do what will preserve more of the whole and particularly yourself...

Debra Ann Elliott said...

Beautiful poem. Thanks for stopping by.

Olivia said...

There's lots of fixing that needs to be done
to the house and to my sanity.
I thought I'll say lolss

Then I read the rest of it- and I dare say I have been there!

I was forced to stay on my own by my own family- or were they at all?

Many comforting Hugs xoxox

versebender said...

This seemed very introspective and personal to me. Always wise to move away from the toxic elements in your life. Vb

Brianna said...

Good luck with the change you're making. It sounds like it's for the best!

Leslie said...

your poem voices the difficulty of your path in recent years quite clearly... hoping for better times ahead for you.

Jenny said...

Sad times. Sorry for what you're going through. But, get through it you will!

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