Monday, May 9, 2011

The Beginning of the End

To have a beginning there must be an end
so it's best to treat it as your good friend
sometimes it's hard to comprehend
and you almost wish time could extend

It's unfortunate at times tis true
but if you let go there's room for new
so learn from it as you bid it adieu
and prepare for the future to break through

We must move on it's a simple fact
and while the past may still distract
you must allow yourself to retract
and look ahead for great times to impact

7 Unleashed voices:

Jo said...

love these words

Jenny said...

So true. Sometimes you're forced into an ending and it becomes a blessing in disguise.

Thank you for posting!

Brian Miller said...

nice rhyme scheme...and a bit of truth too, no use in getting stuck cause you past will only suck your tomorrows if you let it...move on for sure...

Claudia said...

there's a beginning in every end...and sometimes it's not that easy to find..i agree with you - we have to watch out for it and look ahead to expect the best

dustus said...

Love the positivity and forward thinking of your lyrical poem. Nicely rhymed too.

Hope said...

love it! yes, the past can be a great distraction!
great one shot!

Isabel said...

so true, love it.

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