Monday, May 30, 2011

Back to Work

Had five days off
but it wasn't enough
going back to work
is always so tough

There was so little done
so much to do
I'm grateful for my job
but going back makes me blue

I have bills to pay
so go back I really must
it's a 9-5 position
five days a week or bust

More time spent working
than having careless fun
I'd rather be playing
outside in the warm sun

But now a days
the weather's not too great
it's rain and humidity
which I really do hate

The air at work is cooler
than the air in my home
and that's all I can think about
as I write this little poem

5 Unleashed voices:

Andy McDonald said...

Fun and energetic. Strange how someones last words can be used that way. Tet we all seem to have done that.

Henry Clemmons said...

Thanks for reminding me about worl ... lol. Great use of the prompt.

SweetTalkingGuy said...

Yeah, I love your little poem!!

beccagivens said...

No matter how much time you have off - it never seems enough!!! And often, work gets in the way of fun -- so true! Fun post ~~ :D

Whitesnake said...

It works well by keeping it simple just like Andy McDonalds one

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