Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Coma

Day in and day out 
I go through the routine
parts of life put on hold
while others just careen

It's like a subconscious coma
I'm experiencing
I'm the walking unconscious
my sanity it's condensing

There isn't much life support
for fear the plugs will be pulled
when too much is divulged
relationships are annulled

Other's problems are often worse
I keep trying to believe
but it's my problems I'm dealing with
so I'm provided with no reprieve

Regardless I'll make it through
the spirit may be frayed
but it's strong and persistent
so that flat line won't be displayed

Monday, May 30, 2011

Back to Work

Had five days off
but it wasn't enough
going back to work
is always so tough

There was so little done
so much to do
I'm grateful for my job
but going back makes me blue

I have bills to pay
so go back I really must
it's a 9-5 position
five days a week or bust

More time spent working
than having careless fun
I'd rather be playing
outside in the warm sun

But now a days
the weather's not too great
it's rain and humidity
which I really do hate

The air at work is cooler
than the air in my home
and that's all I can think about
as I write this little poem

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Give Thanks

Jenny Matlock

A lifetime of service
that's what we all put in
some choose to go beyond
and just with that they win

It's our world they fight for
each and every day
some may have second thoughts
others feel it's the American way

There's a legacy of heroes
all throughout this world
we celebrate them all
with every flag unfurled

With every breath taken
in the days to come
let's remember those who fight
for our safety and freedom

For those who don't appreciate
the plight of thier fellow man
remember how good you have it
you could live in Afgahastan


Today I think I fully realized that sometimes you just need to take a real 'me' moment, or day.  Sure I don't really have a family that I tend to and everything I do is pretty much for me but I don't think I ever just take the moment to just relax and reflect that everyone should really take more often in life. 

I got my first pedicure today.  I've always said that it wasn't my think cause my feet are ticklish or whatever but mainly its a comfort thing.  I have self conscious issues of major degrees so to have someone in my personal space bubble gets to be a little uncomfortable for me.  I've been toying around with the thought lately though to give one a try and so today I did.  It was oh so awesome.  The soaking, scrubbing, massaging, and then painting of the toenails all while I sit in this recliner from heaven.  The thing massages while you are having your feet done.  Now a massage is also something I've never had professionally done and that I most likely never will but that chair... yeah, it can massage me anytime!  LOL. 

Now the color I picked for my toenails.... Keys to my karma.  How perfect is that??  I definitely need something to help me in that department.  I'm not sure what I did to irritate Karma but whatever it was she/he isn't letting it go.  My sister and her kids, who were supposed to be gone, are still with me.  They just won't go away.  I feel like it's become my destiny or fate to be with them forever.  Just my luck that my destiny or fate is the equivalency to a trailer park, stripper... LOL... ok, no bad talking trailer parks, they can be nice now a days:-)

Anyways, the pedicure was great and it's definitely something I need to do for myself every.... well, however often one does those things.  I'll have to check with a friend who does it regularly to find out.  The other thing is that while all that foot work and massaging is being done there is all this time for the thoughts to swirl around in my head.  That's not always a good thing but lately I need to have, what my boyfriend would call, a "come to Jesus meeting" with myself to decide what it is I want in life and what I need to do to get it.  That real down and dirty, honest type of thinking process where I have to admit that I am where I am and living with who I live with because I allow it and there really is no other reason than that!

Whew, ok I'm going to end it there and leave you with a shot of the handy work of the pedi man (yep it was a man that did this:-)  Oh, and don't ya just love the flip flops?  They are Margaritaville brand and they have little margaritas on them! Perfection never displayed it's self better... unless of course I was holding a margarita while wearing them... alas I was not, but some day I will be for sure!

Friday, May 27, 2011


A wrong committed
it must have been really bad
for now I'm tortured

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Free Toes

Jenny Matlock
F is for Fritos.  Do you ever wonder how they got their name?  Well I was sitting in a waiting room with some people one summer afternoon and I think I discovered the source.  I kept thinking I smelled Fritos so I look around and low and behold, the lady next to me had some free toes and they definitely were the source of the smell!  Wanna see em???
Awe come on, you didn't think I'd show you that gross picture did you?  LOL, those there are the real Fritos... that I may never eat again cause of the grimy free toes I saw (or smelled) that were stuffed into a ratty pair of flip flops. 

Flip flops!!  Now there is a great F word.  I love me some flip flops so that I too can have free toes... that definitely do not smell, or look, anything like Fritos:-)  I have more flip flops than any other type of shoe and love, love, love them!  If I could wear them year round I definitely would but living in Minnesota really doesn't allow for that unless you want frozen free toes... yeah, not even frozen Fritos would be good so I vote NO!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Like a newborn fledgling
chirping for nourishment
I hunger for your love
to keep my soul content

It's like I've been starved
my whole entire life
and you are the only one
that can get me through my strife

Nothing special needed
only you being you
that's all I really ask
that's all you need to do

Honesty is sustenance
it's what keeps the bond pure
and humor is important
in fact that's the allure

I'll try not to over indulge
but it's not an easy chore
so if you can just keep up
I will love you forever more

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Smudged Judge

Just a stranger on the bus
trying to make his way home,
why do we make a fuss,
they aren't the traveling gnome.

They're a person, it's plain to see,
just a slob like one of us.
No different from you or me
so don't be an annoying cuss.

You wouldn't want to be judged
so just let the others be.
It's not like you were gently nudged
of the limb of the perfect tree.

What if god was one of us here? 
Without knowing the paths he's trudged
would you look at him in fear,
knowing that your own life is smudged?

Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday Meet Up

1) What is your favorite bagel flavor?
It depends on whether I'm in the mood for sweet or savory.  It's cinnamon sugar if sweet and asiago parmasean if it's savory but not store bought, it's gotta be

2) If you had an extra $100 right now, what would you spend it on?

Right now my house needs a ton of work so I'd probably be hitting the local

3)  What is the last thing that you felt guilt about doing?

Buying flip flops when I should be buying things to fix up the house.  But I got a problem....

4)  Soft serve ice cream or hand dipped?

I love the hand dipped stuff, it's the best.  Don't get me wrong, some soft serve can be awesome too (especially in a DQ Blizzard) but I have to go hand dipped as my fav!

5) Are you allergic to anything?

I am allergic to mold and mildew.  It's weird though cause there was a time I could say I had no allergies but then in my late 20's I developed them.  It is a little scarey looking....   

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Jenny Matlock

Blinded by the reflection
in the mirror of deceit
maybe it's the image
that I simply can't defeat

I see it everyday
it stares straight at me
and it's usually grinning
mischievously showing it's glee

I'm at a loss for why it follows
behind me where ever I go
if it's with me or against me
I really don't know

I don't fear it ever
 but I wonder why it's there
it watches me watching it
as I try to style my hair

It's part of me I know it
it makes my insides wilt
if you haven't guessed yet
I simply call it guilt

Random Recommendations

First, for all you cake and ice cream lovers out there I recommend Ben & Jerry's Red Velvet ice cream.  Yeah, it's pretty awesome... you should try it if you haven't.  Even if you don't like the cake....

Mmmmm, I want some now... Ok next is a YA trilogy about trolls.  Yep, trolls.  Not too many of those out there right?  The author is Amanda Hocking and the books are the Trylle Trilogy (Switched, Torn & Ascend).  They are a fun read and she has a pretty fun blog so click on her name & check her out, click on the book below & check it and the 2nd & 3rd out.

I'm actually reading Ascend right now:-)  My next recommendation is for you to watch SNL when Justin Timberlake hosts.  He's hosting tonight actually but he's hosted twice before & I have to say I love him!  Here's one of the skits from when he was on in 2003...

There is of course also the Dick in a Box and Mother Lover songs, yeah... I'll leave those to you to look up if interested being that they are sort of touchy subjects. LOL.... Ok, the last recommendation for today is Be The Change blog because there are uplifting and positive posts there and it's a woman who is living it and being the change.  Here is a video on the inspiration from the mother of the inspiration and the founder of Be The Change.  I worked with Theresa for a while and she is a fun, outgoing, positive and amazing person

Friday, May 20, 2011

Missing Sun

The rain gently falls
As if the clouds were crying
Over the lost sun

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Word Travels

Love is a many splendid thing
but sometimes it's quite splintered
and either way it can provide
fuel for mouths in need of a mint turd.

Who's baby's whose and why it's here
or why it's not and where it is.
Who's cheating here who's cheating there
it's even better if their in show biz.

Gossip makes the world go round
or so that's how it seems.
If it weren't the truth then why oh why
is it produced from so many reams?

There is TV and the Internet
that helps to spread it too.
It can travel faster than
crap on the bottom of your shoe.

Sometimes it's hard to pass it up
some of it's entertaining
but when you go out of your way
you deserve whiplash from straining.

Rumors come and rumors go
but people, they have feelings
so we really should keep that in mind
as we pretend we're flies upon their ceilings.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

E is for Eggplant

Jenny Matlock

E is for Eggplant.  That's right my friends.  Those vegan's that don't eat eggs because they come from chickens now have the opportunity to eat those that come from a plant.  If you want to eat them any other way than fried then you must act fast before they bloom otherwise you'll just have to make due and chop them up or something so that you have something that may resemble scrambled.  You can send a bouquet to your mom for Mother's Day, heck even you dad would like one for Father's Day.  Teachers, friends, grandparents... well just about everyone would love them.  Because they bloom so quickly I can't really locate a good picture of a budding eggplant but here is what a blooming one looks like:
What's that you say?  That's not an eggplant??  What do you mean?  It looks like one to me.  I mean, come on... there's eggs on a plant.  Am I right?  Ok, so maybe that's what I used to think an eggplant was.  Alright, alright... it's still what I picture at the mere mention of the word:-)  Can you blame me?  I mean it makes sense doesn't it?  I almost rather eat them from a plant then coming out of a chicken cause that does sound a little nasty. 

When my bubble was so rudely busted and I was forced to believe that my idea of an eggplant was incorrect.  I had to ask myself... "Self, why is this called an eggplant?"

Now it may be shaped a little like an egg... I guess... if it were a Silly Putty egg.  It's not the color of an egg, the inside doesn't look like an egg and it definitely doesn't taste like an egg!  It is a lovely shade of purple however and that makes me want to like it cause it is my favorite color:-) 
I figure that somewhere along the line of eggplants there must be one that looks more like an egg than this more popular version.  So I did some hunting and I found the white eggplant and the Thai eggplant

Now back when the dream wrecker busted my bubble if they had showed me one of these and told me it was the real eggplant it would have made a little more sense.  I mean, the white eggplant still looks a little more silly than the normal egg and the Thai eggplant is a little rounder but the color is closer so I can get there.  However, my question then would have been... "Do these come outta chickens too?"


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Blooming Chasm

The words you spoke
have made this chasm
and it just grows
causing a spasm

The heart has hardened
like dry clay Earth
the guilt I'm feeling
well you just aren't worth

The bond is crumbling
the tears don't help
cause even moistened
it shatters at your yelp

Those are words of hatred
that you spew at me
if it's how you feel
then why won't you flee

You're not a prisoner
neither am I
so it's up to me
to say good-bye

I must move on now
to save my world
with you not in it
blooms are unfurled

Monday, May 16, 2011

Enjoy the Buffet

I often sit and say
after all, tomorrow is just another day
it can't really be kept at bay
whether you want this one to go or stay

Things can't always go our way
even if we try to pray
some times you'll want to yell foul play
while at others it will be hooray

Time can be a fickle valet
who's every command you must obey
or it may be a serene ballet
or on occasion a obscure cabaret

But I like to think of life as a buffet
and we are the ones that fills our tray
when we're through we enjoy the parfait
and once in a while with a little sorbet

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Monday Meet Up

1. Crunchy or smooth peanut butter?

I prefer smooth, I have issues ripping the bread with chunky, ooooo but then I can make some bread pudding... YUM...

2. What is your favorite color Rose?

I don't really care for roses cause I just think they are overrated... LOL... I guess if I had to choose though I'd go with my favorite color, PURPLE! Not a deep purple though, either light or white with purple edging (gots ta be difficult;-)

3. Do you remove your shoes when you walk into your home?

There was a time where I'd say yes but now a days, after 4 years of house pests and their dogs... definitely not or my socks would look like this:

4. What is your favorite season?

Any one that isn't winter and has sun with weather good enough to wear a sweatshirt... here in Minnestoa we can get that in all 4 seasons but not enough in any to like any one more than the next.

5. Approximately how many hours a day do you spend blogging?

If it wouldn't be for work it would probably be off and on all day long!  LOL, unfortunately one must make the money so I'm lucky if it's a few hours... too bad I can't make enough doing what I love!

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Jenny Matlock

Hush little baby
don't you cry
I didn't mean to
poke your eye
but I was just
waving good bye
wishing you luck
hoping you don't die

I'll finally be free
on your own now
you can't come back
you've broke this bough
you are without
you'll learn how
you'll find another
I will avow

Guilt's on me
I'll live with it
if sent to court
they would acquit
I've been through
Hell's firey pit
I made out
I'm in orbit

Once again
ciao to you
as time passes
I'll feel less blue
my mind less scattered
but still askew
the happy me
makes her debut

Friday, May 13, 2011

The Fuzzy Escape

There’s a cavalcade of kookiness
here within my head
Cookies are involved, nutty ones at that
they're leaving crumbs in the bed

Much like the irreverent bed bug
taken too lightly
They may sneak right up on ya beware
as they visit nightly

They escape one crazy for another
cause they’re fun like that
Please be gentle when you lay down tonight
so they don’t go splat

Getting around is easy for them
they travel in the wind
and they could land on you whenever
unless of course you’re skinned

You know you want to meet and host them
to have a little fun
and make your escape from reality
but if not you can’t outrun

They’re superfluously contagious
boy that’s a mouthful
but you’ll think they’re great and snuggly
much like soft sheep wool

You won’t be sorry if you catch them
as they make their great escape
but once you have them they’re there for good
no matter how hard you scrape

I highly recommend clicking on the picture of the fuzzy cyclops that heads out this poem & checking out that site, I love the imagination that schemes up the little creatures there:-)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Forget They Watch

Laugh like there's no tomorrow
Don't sit and drown in sorrow
Humor is where you find it
Give in, let your sides split

Dance like no one can see you
Even when the music's blue
Let the beat be your guide
As you allow yourself to glide

Forgetting that people may watch
As you reach down and grab your crotch

May be your last laugh to get
If everyone else finds the humor in it

Life is too short to be serious
It will only make you delirious
Allow that inner child out
to laugh as they twist and shout

D is for Discombobulated

Jenny Matlock

D is for Discombobulated!  Oh how I love that word.  It really explains me. There is a cacophony of sounds inside my head on a daily basis, which is why I changed the name of my blog site here to 'The Voices Within Unleashed.'  I figured if I gave them an outlet they'd allow me a little peace throughout our day.  Some days are better than others I must say but for the most part I wouldn't be me without them all so just call me Discombobulated Mel:-)

What really bites is when the cacophony of the outside world clashes with my inner world.  It's taken years of experience to get the voices to work with me and for me to work with them so when the outside interferes it doesn't always make for a pretty sound... or scene.  Yeah, the voices within are a little over dramatic at times and like to act things out.  It can be anywhere from comical to horror, unlikes any you've ever seen. 

This is about the word today though, it just rolls off the tongue and sounds like what it means... say it with me now.... dis com bob u lated!  In simple terms it's a state of confusion, in my terms it's a state of being on the brink of insanity.  On good days I add 'and loving it' but there are some bad days where I feel like I may just step off that edge and topple over into the realm of psychotic wonder.  I do often wonder what it's like there and wish I could just visit it to see but then what if I liked it and didn't want to come back???  Yeah, for now I just keep myself balanced on that brink and hope that the daily living doesn't have a global warming like effect that erodes away my ledge so that I topple over before I'm ready. 

In the meantime I figure I will just give myself daily hugs cause it gives me a sense of what the snug, white, buckled jacket may feel like in the future when I finally get the honor of wearing one:-)

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