Wednesday, April 27, 2011

W is for Waffler

Today W is for Waffler.  Not waffle but waffler.  I want to think that it's the person who makes the Eggos Waffles but alas it's not.  It's a person that speaks or writes in an evasive manner or another definition says someone who writes foolishly.  Um, uh-hem... is that me??

Yeah, I'll go back to the belief that it's one who makes waffles... or at least the machine that makes them.  You know, like an ice cream scooper is one who scoops ice cream or the utensil used to scoop it.  Or better yet a toaster!
Speaking of toasters and waffles, why are they called Eggos?  They aren't eggs, isn't that a little misleading?  I mean, as a kid I was fooled into thinking I could cook eggs in a toaster because of them.  My parent's didn't want to buy them so I figured hey, crack an egg up in that toaster and let the cooking begin.... homemade Eggos.  Yeah, not such a good idea.  A little dangerous in fact so do not try it at home!  A toaster is definitely NOT a waffler!

Now the question is pancakes or waffles, which are best?  One soaks up the butter and syrup and one has little pockets that capture it.  Hmmmm, which do you prefer?  Don't be a waffler in the true sense of the word, you have to choose one or the other:-)

And for an little extra fun, what was your favorite playground equipment as a kid... or now even;-)  The swing or the slide.  Not swing as in swingers or slide as in sliders either.... LOL

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LceeL said...

Actually, Waffles. I put butter and syrup in each square. Oh. And sausage links on the side. With hot, black coffee. Because I like my coffee like I like my women. naked.

And my favorite playground equipment (choosing between the two presented) was the Swing. I would always stick to the slide. Don't know why, though. Maybe it was because my Mom always dressed me in shorts. Besides, slides get hot in the sun, and I'd always torch my little tushie. So yeah. Swings - when I wasn't on the monkey bars.

River said...

Pancakes and the swing. :)

N. R. Williams said...

Nice to meet you. Great LOL post too. I must waffle. There are some days when I want pancakes and others when it must be a waffle.

I loved to swing...high, higher, and oh, I never got that high.

I have an announcement for my W post today. If you have time come by.
N. R. Williams, The Treasures of Carmelidrium.

Arlee Bird said...

Okay, I'm a waffler. Or as I like to think, I like to see all sides of an issue and find something good in everything.

Over all I guess I prefer waffles, but there are times when pancakes are the most comforting. It depends on who's making them and how they are made.

And I guess I like swings the best, but a big slide sure can be fun. And if it was a really big slide then maybe I'd prefer the slide.
Of course I'm too big and too old to be seen on either one, but then again why should I care what others think!

So, am I a waffler or what?

Tossing It Out

Candyland said...

I looovvveeee me some waffles with LOTS of butter. Healthy, I know.

Rebekah Fonseca said...

Pancakes oh yes indeed yummy sloppy pancakes

Lisa said...

Waffles with chocolate chips in the little holes with warm strawberries pour over top. To die for.

loved the post.


Christine said...

Can I through a wrench into your choices and say "crepes". With sour cream, cinnamon and sugar and of course syrup to finalize the diabetic coma I go into after eating 6 of them. Did I just waffle the question?

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