Monday, April 11, 2011

The Start of the A-Z


I is for Insidious

I just stumbled upon the A-Z blog a few days ago. I had missed the timeline to join this current round but was told that I can really join anytime and participate; I just won’t be part of the linky list thingiemabob. So I figured since today’s letter is I that would be a good time to use my insidious plan I’ll blog a little about each of the letters I’ve missed so far to hopefully pull some readers in so that they will be on board to read the rest of the daily posts that complete the alphabet and then when the next one rolls round I’ll be established. Who knows if it’ll work but it’s good to have goals:-)

A is for Amphibian

Now you see that word and you think of the cold hearted invertebrates that can exist on land and water right?? Well, I see it and I think of fibbing. Now fibbing could be cold hearted I guess but usually it’s just harmless little lies. I like to call them tall tales, imaginary stories or things that take place in my mind. When I tell the tales and people wonder if I’m for real then I just say… I’m not lying, I amphibian:-)

B is for Bias

This word piqued interest for me when I was bored in a college class one day. I was often bored in them cause I always felt like they were just moving too dang slow. This day however they were talking about prejudices and the word bias came up. Since I was day dreaming I immediately pictured little kids and how they bully other little kids however the kids doing the bullying in this imagination video were butt heads. This way not only did they look like they stuck their head up a butt but they had one for a head and they had one in their usual place… making them biased. It’s not a good look for anyone; I don’t recommend it at all.

C is for Consanguineous

It sounds like such a lovely word and it can be, just don’t love too much in the wrong sorts of ways within your consanguineous relatives and all will remain just lovely. If you do love in the wrong sorts of ways then you may be able to bring back the traveling freak show and hey, that could be great too….

D is for Doppelganger

They say everybody has one out there in the world somewhere… a person that looks like them that is. Some also say that it’s someone with the same name, which of course could be more common than that of one that looks just like you. Some like to think it’s an evil counterpart. I think mine lives within and makes an appearance every now and then, she’s a little evil and a little crazy but loveable none the less so we keep her.

E is for Euphemism

I love word play so I love euphs! When I don’t have them in my life I mism;-) Ok, ok seriously though. I guess one of the most common ones today would be calling the older, independent type woman who likes younger men a cougar. Oh, and the guy or gal who can’t be monogamous the cheetah! LOL…. Ok on with the next…

F is for Flibbertigibbit

Which is what this blog sort of is? It’s sort of how my mind thinks and it’s a good thing my fingers can keep up with it cause I’m not sure it’s ever really comprehendible until I get it all out and then read it back to myself. Ok, even then it isn’t usually but whatevs! It’s silly and flighty and I love it, us, them, those inside… oh who ever!!

G is for Giraffe

I want one, the little mini one though. You know, the one in the commercials walking on the treadmill. Yep, they are real… you see it on TV so it’s real dang it!!

H is for Health

Mental health precisely but we aren’t to M yet so just go with it. Mine is fleeting, more and more every day. I don’t miss it… most days. I’m ok with it. Those around me, well they may or may not be who knows really. Those within, well they love it cause each fleeting moment just creates another other on of them and the more the merrier is what they say.

I is for Insidious

That brings us up to date. The definition:

1 a : awaiting a chance to entrap : treacherous
b : harmful but enticing : seductive
2 a : having a gradual and cumlative effect : subtle
b of a disease : developing so gradually as to be well established before becoming apparent

So did my insidious plan work??

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