Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sprouting Springs


Today I go to see the House of Pain.  Yep, that's the group that was best known in the 90's for Jump Around, not a S&M club or anything:-)  To be honest it's really the only song I remember from them because I have the memory of a sponge.  I soak it all up and take in it but then it gets squeezed out cause room has to be made for other stuff otherwise it will just swell and I'd look like a bobblehead.  Hey, it's my excuse and I'm going with it!  Anyways, we see them tonight at the Cabooze in Minneapolis.  It should be quite interesting but regardless I think I'll be rocking like I'm from Fraggle:-)

Remember Fraggle Rock??  I barely do, cause of that whole sponge memory thing I mentioned before you know.  I'm not sure I can jump around like I did in the days of old but one must try, at least when they play that song.  I'm almost positive that I will definitely look like I'm from Fraggle Rock as I do.  I have been listening to the album to refamiliarize myself with their stuff.  House of Pain's stuff that is not Fraggle Rock's... LOL.  I have to say that I like Everlast better on his own but I guess you just gotta take him as he comes... cause he should be coming tonight... to the club... to sing... er, um... moving on.

So yep, that's my Sunday night.  I'll be sprouting springs to jump around and rocking like I'm from Fraggle:-)

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Debra Ann Elliott said...

I have chosen to award your blog with the Golden Sprout award.

upinthecosmos said...

Thanks so much, I'm honored!

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