Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Roaring Dandelions

Is it possible to resprout a friendship? 

Back about 21 years ago now, I was in my senior year of high school and clueless, for the most part, when it came to guys.  Little did I know that the sprout began back then, only to go dormant and then get reawakened through the internet.

It started in MySpace, probably about 4 or maybe 5 years ago, when I accepted a friend request and we talked a little here and there but nothing too significant.  Then I gave facebook a try and was hooked there so I moved over and dished out my friend request to him there and the reawakened sprout began to blossom through there.  This him I speak of, well he is my boyfriend now.  To hear him tell it, he has liked me since high school.  I'm not sure what grade exactly but there was a day in our senior year where he remembers a long bus ride home, as he loves to remind me of.  Back then I considered him a friend... da da dum... kiss of death to the average teenage boy!  We went our separate ways only to be brought back together through the internet.  Just think, if not for the internet the sprout could still be dormant... how long before they rot or die do you think??

We've often talked about the past and if what would have been had we nurtured the sprout back then.  We both decided that it was best for the sprout to be dormant and for us to take the paths we did.  One never knows, the sprout could have grown to be healthy and beautiful back then but it could have also been drowned or killed, never to be brought back again.  The paths taken made the soil for the sprout stronger and more nourishing so that it can really take root and grow.  We went from talking on the internet to dating in Sept of 2009 and there are some challenges we face that sometimes want to treat our sprout like a weed  but you know what.... weeds are stronger than beautiful flowers so we will prevail!

That's not to say we have issues between us mind you, it's outside sources.  I have family that refuses to leave the nest, even though I am not their momma bird, and he is dealing with some medical issues, that he is beating but they still take a lot out of him none the less.  They are some pretty strong weed killer but our spout is deeply rooted and stubborn and there is plenty of rain to keep their toxic spray from seeping down past the surface.  We are dandelions hear us roar!

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