Sunday, April 3, 2011

Reality TV

In this age of reality TV that is more scripted than reality, it's nice to have a more natural look as some real, reality TV.  What am I speaking of you ask?  Well if you didn't ask then you can stop reading now because the rest of this posting is going to tell you anyways:-)

I was clued in last week to the Bald Eagle's nest in Decorah, Iowa.  Ever since then I can't get myself to stop checking in on those gorgeous birds.  2 of the 3 babies are now hatched and they are just little wobbly, puff balls of cuteness!  Watching the eagles and how calm and majestic they are made me forget that they are predators by nature so I had a little, teensy moment of sadness when I saw that they had a dead rabbit in their nest. They'd been saving it to feed the babies from and for them to eat from also I'm sure but it was a cute little bunny so I had to have a moment to accept that.  Later when the dead bird showed up I was ok with that.  One, because it appeared to be an annoying crow or black bird and two, because everyone has to eat so they are doing what they need to do.  All in all they are gorgeous birds and just fun to watch, especially when you get peeks in on those adorable babies.  Because I watch them so much my boyfriend has given them names, the babies that is:-)  Baby number 1 (born 4/2) is Freedom, baby number 2 (born 4/3) is Liberty and baby number 3 (still an egg) is Justice.  So cute... can't wait to see that last one:-)

I think everyone should be tuning in to watch as baby Justice is waiting to be hatched.  You can tune in at

Check them out now, check them out often and just be amazed by the wonders that they are!

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