Saturday, April 9, 2011

No Sprouts for Me

It's day 9 of, the month.  I joined this daily blogging group and now through that I have found some other fun ones and so I end up having several posts a day instead of one.  I then begin to wonder if I can somehow get one post to work for all groups or if that would be considered cheating??  It's a lot for my brain to process so I decide to continue with a separate post for each so that I don't have to make my brain work too hard on the weekend... I mean, I already have to come up with a reason to blog on my own for this one.  That brings me to that real reason.  Since 'Sprout' is the theme of the month there I'll make this a blog about kids.  They are sprouts right??

Let's start by me letting you all, reading this, know that I do not want kids.  I never have and never will.  Now it's not to say that I don't like kids, in general, cause I do.  They can be cute and fun and Lord knows I'm one at heart... I just don't want to be responsible for one... or any... not even my child at heart really:-)  I'm not exactly sure why I don't want kids, when people ask I usually say that it's cause I'm too nervous they would turn out to be like my sister (who is demon spawn, transplanted I do believe).  I didn't always think that however cause I didn't even want kids when I was a kid playing with dolls.  I was never their mom.  Sure I did the mommy things cause what else do you do with a doll??  I was the babysitter though:-) 

From a young age my mom always told me that if I were smart I would never have kids.  Now as a kid I never wondered if that meant she had wished she never had me but as I got older I often figured there was a part of her that did feel that way.  I mean, what adult wouldn't right??  If you are a parent and you say that there isn't a moment in your life where you wonder what your life would be without your kids and a teensy part that thinks it could be better then I call your bluff.  I'm not saying you don't love your kids, are grateful for them, can't imagine life without them, but you're lying if you say there aren't those moments when they are hell and you wonder.  I on the other hand NEVER wonder if I should.  NEVER second guess my decision to not go that route.  NEVER regret it what so ever.  I'm not even the type of woman that gets all gushy around babies... sure they are cute but I don't need to hold one to see that... I'm just saying.

Ok, I think you get the gist and in effort not to make this blog go on and on I cut to the chase now and admit that the reason kids are on my mind today is because I have a house full of them right now!  They are my sister's and who knows who else's really but all I really would like to do is channel the witch in Hansel and Gretel, but be wiser than her so that they end up being the ones cooked and not me.  I don't want to eat them so there is no need to fatten them up or anything, I'd just simply like to be rid of them... once and for all, for ever and ever because then I will live happily ever after... THE END.

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