Sunday, April 17, 2011

N is for Nectar

Some may see the word nectar and think that it's the drink of the Gods but I see it and it makes me think of the crap that collects on the collars of shirts... usually men's... yep, that's nectar! 

Come on, you know it makes sense.  Why else do bees hover around people?  It's for that natural human nectar I tell ya!  They all want it and no flower can give it to them.  Now that it's getting warmer outside, or it supposed to be anyway... we have yet to see that warm weather will actually stick, the nectar becomes more potent.  Beware of hummingbirds also, they are a little bigger than bees and don't sting but don't let their size or cuteness fool ya cause they are feisty little buggers.  If you are one to get a little hotter under the collar than most you just may attract a few of those in your neck of the woods.

3 Unleashed voices:

welcome to my world of poetry said...

A good eplaination of Nectar.
Cleverly thought out. Loved the read.


Ellie said...

Hehehe. Loved the humour in this post!

Ellie Garratt

The Writing Goddess said...

As a child, I used to have bees gather between my instep of the sole of my sandals, for that, uh, nectar.

And yet, we pay top dollar for bee spit made from such things. Wow.

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