Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Magic Piggy Bank

Magic, is it real? Is it your imagination? Is it just slight of hand and great showmanship?  Special effects and a big budget?  Whatever it is it can't really beat the magic and wonder you see in the eyes of a child that believes they've witnessed magic.  We've all been there hopefully.  Both the child witnessing it and the person witnessing a child who witnessed magic.  Still with me??
I think the first time I witnessed magic was when my grandpa pulled a quarter from my ear.  Hey, I was a child so don't laugh.  You know you fell for it a time or 2 yourself!  I used to help him collect his aluminum cans and my reward would be that he'd randomly find quarters in or behind my ears.  I couldn't figure it out... I thought I had a piggy bank for a brain!! 

Yeah, needless to say that was a little disconcerting cause I worried that if I bumped my head too hard or shook it too much then I'd break the bank and turn into a human slot machine!  I was never certain how much money I had in there because I wasn't quite sure how deposits were made.  Shoving them in the nose was just not productive and it hurt.  Same goes for the ears.  I could swallow them but grandpa always said that I'd just end up making more expensive deposits to the porcelain God and I wasn't ready to give that potty mouth my money! Eventually I gave up on it and figured it was all magic.  Grandpa somehow knew how to get the money in there and then he knew how to get it out for my rewards.  Until one day, I fell and hit my head pretty hard. 

It wasn't good.  I was ok, I was a kid so I was resilient and it bounced.  I was shattered emotionally though cause I just knew the piggy bank was broken and the only reason nothing came rushing out was because I hadn't seen grandpa for a while and it was empty.  I had to see grandpa right away and as soon as I did he looked in my ears, my mouth and my eyes and told me everything was fine and he pulled a silver dollar from my ear.  This is when I knew that he had special powers, he melded my piggy bank back together and got it working once again! 

Now a days the piggy bank doesn't really function any longer.  I think as you get older it sort of crumbles away and you end up losing it when you blow your nose.  You just can't keep those things forever you know, but the memories... they are magic in and of themselves. 

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D.Nambiar said...

Love it :)

D.Nambiar said...

Your post made me want to read my very first post: .

LEA said...

Brilliant post! You made me remember that I once had a magic piggy bank too. Having these memories are priceless...

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