Thursday, April 7, 2011

Luck is a 4 Letter Word

Shamus is my Irish inner voice and of course he feels that with him he brings the luck of the Irish.  What is the luck of the Irish really?  Is their luck any different than that of the American, German, Italian, etc? All I got to say is that if he has some luck it doesn't rub off on me.... or maybe it does.  How do we know whether we are really lucky or not?  People only think they are or aren't based on what they experience but do you always pay close enough attention?  There could be luck that you aren't aware of, things you take for granted while others envy you for them.  Others aren't in your shoes so they don't always know all that goes along with what they may be envious of but none the less, they see you as lucky.  I tell Shamus that luck is a four letter word that was just lucky it didn't have a few extra horizontal lines hanging off the top 1/2 of the first letter. That's a nice way of swearing if you get the gist of it, LOL!  Shamus is Irish, it took him a little bit to catch that.

Needless to say, I don't really have a lucky item.  I think lucky is really just a term we use to help explain the unexplainable... something like miracles maybe.  Shamus keeps trying to get me to believe and constantly points out lucky moments but I always have some explanation for it.  Sort of like the conversations I have with my inner voice Grace when it comes to aliens.  Now that's a topic for another day but she insists I was abducted and she is a product of the luck of the alien on that visit, if you know what I mean;-)   Yeah, there is an interesting menagerie up in here but no luck cause that is just a 4 letter word that just isn't as versatile as it would be if it did have those 2 horizontal lines to carry around.  Like mom always said, hard work will get you further so the l that carries the lines gets to have more fun than the one that doesn't I guess:-)

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