Sunday, April 10, 2011

Life Experience Parfait

What got me to where I am today?
I sit here thinking what I can say.
I just lived life really, day by day
and dealt with things as they came my way.

I wasn’t a child that had a life plan
and I knew I didn’t need me a man,
for I did not want to create a clan
and anything they do I also can.

I’m a product of my parents I guess,
some qualities of theirs I do possess.
There are some I deny I must confess,
while others I just simply repress.

My environment also played its part
and I was sensitive right from the start.
Everything said went straight to the heart
building a shield I can’t always depart.

Choices I made had their part in the play
some rules I didn’t quite always obey.
It’s just a life experience parfait
that got me to where I’m at today.

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