Wednesday, April 13, 2011

K is for Karma

Ok, it's a double blog again today folks.  Only because my topics meld into one overall topic though and that is pets.  Who doesn't love them right?  So cuddly and cute.  I tell ya, if I could have a house full of them I would, they always cherish all that you give them and they aren't ungrateful like the house pests I do currently have.  I don't want to get into that right now however cause the topic is pets not pest.  Weird how they are similar huh but yet so different huh??  Ok, off we go!

K is for Karma

This portion is for the A-Z blog and is based on Karma.  No, not the Hindu/Buddhist belief... the dog:-)  She is a Jack Russell Terrier and Papillon mix although she is Jack Russell through and through.  She seems to have some of the larger ear traits of the Papillon but other than that, from what I read anyway, you wouldn't know there was a Papillon involved in the mix!  This is Karma: 

Cute right??  That's a picture of her before she went in for surgery on her leg.  She's giving me that look telling me that yes, she loves to go to the vet cause they love to give her all sorts of attention there but no, I wasn't fooling her into thinking it was gonna be all fun and games.  A couple days before this she fell down the stairs cause she is always going down them like a bat outta hell rather than a.... ok so like a normal puppy... and she misstepped or something and snapped her leg.  The amazing thing is that you would have never known it was broken, in fact we didn't.  She got right up and acted like it was nothing, she just wouldn't walk on it.  It didn't seem to slow her down or cause her pain, even when you touched it, but it was pretty floppy and weird.  She had her surgery, which she also went through like a champ and the day after she was right back to normal.  If it weren't for the shaved leg that looked all bruised and sore you would have never known anything ever happened.  Amazing how fast she bounced back, not that she ever seemed... unbouncy??  LOL. 

Well, Karma is actually the boyfriend's dog but I treat her like my own.  Her name is a play on words cause you know what they say about Karma and she is a female dog.... I don't want to have to swear here so tell me you get it;-)  She's a bundle of energy though so now that the weather is finally getting nicer I'll have to take her on some walks, Lord knows I could use that exercise myself!

With that I spin off to the Sprout topic.  It is "Who do you miss?"  I immediately thought of my sprout Pixie.  She was a Chihuahua that my sister got me for Christmas in 2008.  Our cousin's dog had pups and I had been house sitting a Chihuahua for a friend of theirs at the time that I got attached to.  She was nice in those days and knew that I also wanted another little dog so Mogli (my Min Pin) could have a friend so she got Pixie for me cause the other would be going home.  Here is Pixie when I first got her:


Adorable right??  That's Mogli there with her in the 2nd picture.  They were fast friends.  Always playing and boy did she sound like a little gremlin with that puppy growl of hers when they played!  Unfortunately I only had Pixie for a few months.  She was a burrower and she got caught up in some blankets and suffocated in her sleep.  She was hanging out with my nephew at the time who also fell asleep and I don't like to lay blame cause it was an accident and could have probably happened with anyone, even if she were by herself.  I still feel like it comes back to Karma somehow... and in this sense I do mean the Hindu/Buddhist belief:-)

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Debra Ann Elliott said...

Love it! Cute doggies.

ann@Apples and Twinkies said...

Karma is a real cute dog. So funny her name is a play on words!

Liz P said...

Adorable! :)

Donnie said...

So sad about Pixie. I'm glad Karma's better and I got the min-pin Mogli is a cutie too. Sweet post.

Lisa said...

What a lovely post. I have a friend with a Jack Russell and oh boy.... enough said.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.


Jackie said...

Awww how sad about pixie . She was a very cute little dog . Pixie is the little one right?

Your boyfriends dog Karma seems like a champ . she really does , that's super that her leg healed so quick .

Talli Roland said...

Ah, so adorable! Love love LOVE!

Jenny said...


LEA said...

My heart goes out to you! Pixie was so sweet and adorable. Things happen in life that we can't seem to understand, but I know Pixie is frolicing at the Rainbow bridge, and growling that tiny growl at a field of flowers.
Karma and Mogli are awesome!! And yes...karma enters our life in many ways :-)

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