Tuesday, April 12, 2011

J is for Juxtaposition

Ok, I'm cheating a little with a 2 for 1 blog today folks.  A girl has gotta work but still get her creativity on:-)  So this is serving as my Sprout blog cause the tulips, they are a sprouting and that will be spoken of throughout.   But also:

J is for Juxtaposition

Long ago my mother purchased the house that I now own today.  I purchased it from her cause I felt this tie to it and when she was ready to sell it and move on I just couldn't see someone else owning it.  You'd think that since she is my mom and all she would have cut me a deal but nope... she charged me full market value on this bad boy!!  Anyways, she always liked to garden so she planted flowers around and over the years they've kinda lost their way when it came to sprouting each year.  I do still have the hearty tulips that make an effort however.  They never really make it too far mind you but they try.  I think when they were planted there was probably rhyme and reason for the way it was done but over the years nature has juxtapositioned them and now I'm lucky if they are productive. 

Here is what they look like as of today:

Now the word juxtaposition almost sounds like it's saying placement is just a position but in reality it means that things are strategically placed.  Well, they are somewhat planned anyway... usually side by side.  Well as you can see these are now sporadic and most of them produce pretty weak flowers, if any at all.  I also have house pests that live with me and they like to pick them, stomp on them, urinate on them... so on and so forth.  Not sure how far they will make it but I think I would like to chronicle them.  I'll probably just loosely chronicle though, like maybe the next picture will be if/when there is a flower.  We'll see.

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Lisa said...

I love that word. Being very OCD like I love the order.

Nice post.


damyantiwrites said...

Good post...that was such an interesting story about you buying your house from your mother.

Happy to meet you via A2Z :)

The Writing Goddess said...

Your tulips brought back the memory of the one red tulip bulb my mom would plant every year, near the front door.

Another A-Zr here. Writing in Flow Looking forward to reading more.

Debra Ann Elliott said...

Hey, I like your two in one post! Thanks for stopping by and the congrat's.

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