Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm Addicted to my iPhone

Today I'm forced to admit that I'm addicted to my iPhone because the question is "What do you always have with you?".  The first thing that always comes to mind with that question is my iPhone!  How could it not be?  It does all I need it to.

I want to think it's really the apps I'm addicted to but is that any better?  Without the phone I wouldn't have the apps and I'd have to have other devices to make up for that so this is an all in 1 sort of addiction.  It's not like I can't live without it, I can quit anytime I want.  Really I can.  I'd miss it and have some withdrawal symptoms but that's to be expected with addiction right?

In this phone I have a camera, iPod, game system, I can search the internet, blog, it doubles as a navigation system, I can read my Kindle books on it, I can watch Netflix movies on it, I can watch Xfinity movies on it, I can set up my favorite shows to tape on my DVR, I can find things nearest to me, I can facebook, tweet (if I did), MySpace (no longer do that), find movie times, find the best price for things, it's a tip calculator, a normal calculator, I can watch YouTube, I can Google, I can make movies and I can do video chat.  I'm sure that's only skimming the surface but it does all that and there's room for it to do more.  All in a device that is the size of a deck of cards on a diet (LOL, it's about 1/2 the depth of a deck cause it's pretty thin).

I have it with me always cause I can read while I wait for the shuttle to work, or play Bejeweled or Angry Birds even.  I can facebook here and there when I feel the urge to update my status.  If I have to stand in line forever at the grocery store I whip it out to entertain myself.  If I see something crazy I can snap a picture and post it to share it with the facebook world.  If I'm driving and I get lost I can have it figure out where the heck I am and show me how to get where I'm trying to go.  Now that is a saviour cause I get lost A LOT!  I don't ever have reason to be bored.  Waiting an extra 1/2 hour for a Dr appt isn't a problem cause I can catch a movie, play a game, read, update facebook, check out my blog, search the internet.  By the time they are ready to see me they are interrupting my fun:-)

Yeah, I got an addiction to iPhone and the first step they say is admitting you have a problem but in this case I don't... iPhone seems to solve them for me:-)

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WarmSunshine said...

LOL! I loved the last line. I don't have an iPhone, but I have an HTC Android phone and the addiction's pretty much same with me. Or may be, we're just a smart-phone-addicted generation ;)

upinthecosmos said...

The Android is pretty cool too, I have to admit:-) We are a technology addicted generation I think but I'm ok with it!

LEA said...

I guess I am "old school"...LOL

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