Monday, April 18, 2011

The Giving Tree

If I were to plant a tree, any tree, then what tree would that be?  I would want it to be a giving tree.  I wouldn't want it to give to me per say, it would allow me to give to others... in essence giving to me also I guess.  Yeah I'd like a little something but within reason.  I'd like debt paid off and my poor house fixed up once the pests are gone.  That's it really, the rest would be to help others.  It would have to be secret and I wouldn't be able to get credit for it cause if word got out then whoa Nelly!  The poor tree may shrivel up and die from all the greediness there is in the world today.  We all have our moments with it but some pull back before it takes over. 

What would this tree look like?  It would need to have blossoms, purple ones.  I'd like to have it pretty up the yard some maybe.  No fruit, I know it would be giving to the squirrels but they are.... squirrlie, if you know what I mean.  Hey, they can be cute or whatever but the little buggers once chewed their way into the attic and made it their home so nope, not gonna help them!  The leaves would be an evergreen color all year round, sort of like pine trees but actual leaves not needles.  It wouldn't drop any seedlings at all cause we wouldn't want the trees sprouting all over like some other trees do today.  The bark would be like a birch of sorts, maybe a little more beige or brown than white though. 

How would the tree work?  Hmmm.... well, I don't really want to divulge that information cause what if someone comes over and tries to use it for themselves??  Oh, wait... it's not a real tree!  Sorry, in that description process I had it all pictured and planted up in my mind.  It's real there now, has been for a while I guess.  It doesn't really work great yet on the solving my debt issue, it keeps telling me slow and steady is the way.  Yeah, that's cause it doesn't have to watch the finance charges pile on to make it grow faster than the tree itself does! 

The voices within tend to the tree and make it work though, I guess it's them that I need to get under some sort of control so that the tree works at its best:-)

2 Unleashed voices:

Clarissa Draper said...

The giving tree is a great idea. It does sicken me how greedy people are and how that greed can affect many people. We need a happy tree! I like your blog. Could you add a follower's gadget so I can follow you?

upinthecosmos said...

There should be a follow link up on the top of the page on the left but I did just add the follow app to make it easier. It's on the right at the bottom of the app boxes. Thanks for asking:-)

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