Friday, April 29, 2011

Fraggin Friday Part Deux

~weather frag~

Saturday morning was dreary and rainy... probably with threats of snow.  Who really knows, I don't listen to the weather for fear one day they will confirm that they see the apocalypse actually coming.  What I'm trying to say is I considered doing a sun dance and wondered... do I wear a sun dress for that?  If so that would be cold!  I quickly moved on from that thought:-)

~inner child frag~

On Easter I thought to myself "Self, these last 4 years have tried their hardest to beat the inner child out of you... are you gonna allow them to win?"  Well the inner child in me yelled some obscenities that I won't pass on here but the gist of it is "NO!!" Now the inner child is preparing by pulling out the cowboys and Indians gear, including war paint! 

~Monday frag~

I had my weekly argument with Monday.  Sometimes I win and it has to be a nice day rather than a bad one:-)

~ Pondering frag~

Why is it called a car pool?  Are you supposed to know how to swim if you drive cause I’m really not good at swimming?  I guess some would also say I’m not good at driving either so maybe it is comparable.  There really isn’t swimming involved though or water for that matter.  In fact, neither of those would be good things to go along with a vehicle.

~O 2 B Healthy frag~

I'm stockpiling purchases to gear up for the new healthier me.  Hopefully they don't just sit in that pile to collect dust bunnies the size of me.

~ Craving frag~

Sometimes I think to get over a craving you just need to give into it.  Then I realize that if you give into a temperamental child you just create a monster.  Yeah, I'll need to rethink that craving thing!
~ Bug frag~

I have a weird kind of fascination with bugs.  Back in Jr High I once had to make a bug collection for a science class and I think it stems back to that.  Well, it's before that actually cause I used to catch grasshoppers, stare at the dragonflies flying over a field we lived by for hours, hunt down the crickets that annoyed me with their chirping, investigated crazy looking caterpillars... I'm telling it was CRAZY, collected worms to see how far they could stretch... let's just say I multiplied the earthworm community for a while with that one.  Yeah, I could go on and on which may defeat the fragment part of things so I'll stop there:-)

~ Clarification frag~

I should just say one more thing on the bugs... I like them in their habitat, not mine!  Oh, just one more... no human bugs!

~Plans frag~

I have Friday off of work and will spend Saturday in a car.  Ok not all of it but we have a long ride to the boyfriend's family function.  Is it weird that I'm a people person and not a people person all at the same time?  Yeah, hopefully things go ok and I'm not rooted to the wall or chair... is there a such thing as a chair flower??
~ Spring frag~

Speaking of flowers... I realized that many people have spring flowers in theirs yards despite this crazy weather!  It was actually nice today so maybe winter is finally down for it's nap!

~Nix Late Night Cooking frag~

I love me some sauerkraut as much as the next person, German or not, but that doesn't mean I want to smell it cooking at 10 minutes to midnight man... er, um I mean woman!  The house pest to be precise:-)

~The End frag~

Well once again this fragging segment has come to an end.  Hope you enjoyed it... ya'll come back now ya hear??? 

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Karen and Gerard said...

On those dark rainy days, I try to wear a bright yellow shirt to brighten things up. Have a good weekend--maybe you will see some bugs!

Stopping by from FF.

Ann in the UP said...

So how do you feel about bats? Our cat brought one down in our living room the other night. I like to study bugs, too. In sort of a quick and easy way. I don't do detailed artwork or anything. Stopping by from "A Few Clowns". Good luck with the chair flower thing.

Brandi. said...

Here's to Spring! {Maybe if we toast enough, it'll finally show up?}

Good luck on the new healthy lifestyle. It's tough to get started, but you're heading in the right direction!

Mrs4444 said...

Today was the first sunny, warm day I can remember since last summer! FINALLY.

Loved the inner-child fragment--I can relate.


Thanks for linking up today :) Have a great weekend!

Amy said...

Snow? In almost May? I'd throw myself off the roof -- or maybe just not get out of bed.

I'd rather see bugs than rodents. But I could do without laying eyes on either.

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