Friday, April 22, 2011

Fragging Friday

In the time it takes you to write your fragments, you could be eating a whole pan of brownies. That's just one benefit of fragging on Fridays (weight gain prevention). Friday Fragments keep our hands busy! Of course, it's also a fantastic way to empty our minds of clutter. Friday Fragments are the bits and pieces that were too small to be stand-alone posts but too good to discard. Let's frag--Shall we?
I often walk through the thought paths of my mind and wonder where the heck I am, how I got where I am or how the heck do I get out?  It can be quite discombobulating at times.
I've decided that I love Kevin Smith.  The director/actor/podcaster.  Yeah, that's really all I have to say about that, he just makes me laugh I can't help it:-)
I watch entirely too much TV.  When I think about all the time I spend watching rather than reading or writing or socializing I get all.... irritated cause I've missed what the heck happened in the show and I have to rewind to get back on track!
In the same vain as the last fragment.... I love my Tivo and DVR!  Especially cause I can rewind when I miss things and I can fast forward through commercials.
Mexican food is oh so yummy, I could eat it every single day.  Oh & a margarita with it ain't too shabby either:-)
I really need to eat healthier and work on that whole weight loss thing....
Should I blog about the weight loss thing?  Will it help me stick to it if held accountable in blog?  Hmmmm, that's a frag to ponder
I love my doggie, she's sooooo cute:-)
May is right around the corner and we had a few glimpses of Spring but it's must have gotten scared and went back into hibernation cause it's no where to been seen lately. 
Blogging is addictive, do I have the time to put towards it?  Maybe if I give up some TV time.  Hmmmm, or watch TV as I blog... that can work too:-)

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Mrs4444 said...

I'm not familiar with Kevin Smith. Guess I should check him out.

We love our DVR, too. As I type this, I am also trying to watch The King's Speech. Yes, it's difficult.

I take it you live in the midwest--Spring has been very elusive here.

You're funny--Your frags are just my style. I you found fragging helpful :) Thanks for linking up!

Lynette said...

you need to look up a maragrita is to die for!

Ann in the UP said...

Thanks for the comment at UP North. Our spring is elusive, too. We have a little dusting of fresh snow this morning----when the calendar says I should be planting cold weather veggies. Oh, well! But our winter was NOTHING like yours. My son lives in Mpls. and they had 50 times more snow than we did!

Jene said...

LOOOOOOOOOOVE Kevin Smith! He totally rocks my socks. I'll never forget the first time I saw Clerks, back in the embarrassingly early '90s :)

I also love Mexican food. And Margaritas. Yum!

That Spacey Chick said...

we love our dvr also... and I also watch WAY too much television... I often think of cutting back my tv time, but then I think of all the fun stuff I'll be missing if I'm not watching this show or that one.

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