Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Dread, what is that?  Ok, I know what it is.  There was a day where I dreaded most things but now a days when I hear it I think of dreadlocks.  Hey, I know it's a hairstyle that some love but I definitely dread ever having my locks look that way.  Ok, granted it looks cool on some but it's just not my style and sometimes it makes it look like the hair is just dirty.  Now I myself have super thin hair and I don't know that I really could get it to create such a fine specimen of wonder.  If it did I'd probably need to use all strands to create one dread and it would just look like a pony tail or something.

Ok, on a serious note what I dread is dealing with my sister and her kids.  They've lived with me for about 4 years now and in that time I've endured a lot.  I see no end to them leaving and that is a high point of stress for me.   I have to put my foot down and kick them out once and for all.  Now it's a tough decision that I've had to go over time and time again and it's a long story of the reasons why I'm in the right to do so.  You aren't really supposed to give up on those you love but you really can't be their crutch forever either.  Who is that good for really you know?  So I both dread and look forward to the day when she is gone for good.  Dread it because it will be at my doing and look forward to it because I'll have a sense of relief.  I will have some worry about what she will do but she usually seems to find her way so it's time that I worry about me, take care of me cause Lord knows I've been letting that important piece of the puzzle suffer throughout.  It's time to take back my life and live it rather than keep putting it aside thinking that my day will come if I can just get her through. 

Dread.... I don't dread much lately, not really but when I do I feel it to my core and it's inside where I begin forming dreadlocks that will take time to comb through. 

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Glynis said...

Some times you have to show some tough love. After four years you deserve to take back your life!
Thanks for following. I am now following you back.

Rebekah Fonseca said...

tough love indeed. I dreaded every time my brother left my house drunk, and drove home. So one day I told him I would call the cops if he left. He didn't believe me....And I ALWAYS stick to my guns. He went to jail for DWI. Next month he gets to take the breath-a-lizer thing out of his car and his probation will be done. He has been one year sober, and he is so cool to be around now. We are both glad I did it. SO tough love, is some times a must.

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