Friday, April 8, 2011

Cracked Not Broken

What’s the Word?
April 5 - April 10

I may be cracked but I’m not broken
You won’t break me if you keep poking
Inside remains the words unspoken
The tears you see are just a token

A crack is a crack, it can’t conceal
The spirit is strong so it can seal
All it takes is for me to reveal
When the words escape the crack will heal

There may be a scar it’s hard to tell
The nose may run and the eyes may swell
But it’s better to let go than dwell
Or else that crack is fueled to excel

Splitting me in 2, broken

6 Unleashed voices:

Stephanie said...

What is this Blog hop? Sounds interesting and I'd love to join. Please visit my blog to give me the details:)

Debra Ann Elliott said...

stopping by from The 100 Word Challenge Great blog

clew said...

Spot on. I could really feel this poem! Visiting from 100 Words, nice submission :)

Teresa said...

Been there, felt that....very well done!!

Velvet Verbosity said...

Yes, breaking silence is key. And in these cases, silence is the ONLY thing that deserves to be broken.

paul said...

Nice poem...It reminds me of a film I made called
"Cracked Not Broken".


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