Saturday, April 30, 2011

Z is for Zooblogology


I started the A-Z late cause I've had my blog for a couple of years but never really searched around until I decided I needed to start writing more rouitinly again.  Somehow, I can't really remember how, I came across Writing with Debra who beloged to a few groups and through her and those groups I was able to branch out more in blogger land.  By the time I came across the A-Z it was too late to get on the linky but Arlee, at Tossing it Out, told me to go ahead and start, comment on others and they will return the favor.  It's been fun but I'll save all that for the A-Z Reflections Megapost:-)

Anyways, I think of my blogs as my pets so today Z is for Zooblogology.  Yeah, I made it up... so!  If you missed any of my alpha blogs now is your chance to catch up on them.  If you thought one was particularly good, here is your chance to revisit it.  If you are bored and want a giggle then I'm sure 1 or 2 can provide that for you:-)  You can sit back and relax and have a few verification moments, maybe figure out a way we can all get restitution to work for us, decide if you too must balkanize and make sure you aren't a person with constant nectar... just to throw out examples of what you may see:-)

Here are some easy links so you don't have an excuse not to take a few minutes to catch up, reread or leave a comment.  I am Melanie and I will be the Zooblogologist that will guide you on the tour... please do feed the blogs, they need all the comments they can get:-)

A-I was the catch up blog ~~ Start of A-Z
J is for Juxtaposition
K is for Karma
L is for Listless
M is for Mogli
N is for Nectar
O is for Orion
P is for Purple
Q is for The Quatrefoil Watch
R is for Restitution
S is for Stylish Blogger
T is Twofer
U is for Uranus
Vis for Verification
W is for Waffler
X is for Xylocopa
Y is for Yosemite Sam
Z is for Zooblogology ~~ where we end the tour:-)

Since I did mention 'balkanized' and that was actually part of Alpha-Thursday's blog I'll provide you with that link also... B is for BalkenizedI don't want to be a tease or anything:-)  The alphabet just restarted on that blog and this coming Thursday will be C so be sure to check it out and join in the fun if you don't already.

6 Pack Sat

Gearing up for a balkanizing lifestyle

click on the word balkanizing to read more about it:-)

Friday, April 29, 2011

Y is for Yosemity Sam


I've been told that I dance a little like Yosemity Sam when I've had a little too much to drink so Y is for Yosemity Sam:-)

Click on the picture there if you're interested in learning about him.  Now I loved me some Looney Tunes cartoons, let me tell you, but he wasn't my favorite.  He was always so ornery so when I was told that I danced like him I thought that was just a nice way of telling me I'm an angry drunk!  I loved Marvin the Martian so why couldn't I be compared to him??  Sure, he was always trying to destroy Earth but to be fair... if a tree was blocking your view of some hotties then you'd take it out too right??? Well, he wanted to see Venus better from his home, Mars, so you can't really blame him:-) 

Ok, this isn't a M blog so I'll have to save all that for then and get back to Y!!  Anyways, I was told I dance like him and not that I act like him.  Well as far as I knew he really didn't dance but he did hop around a lot shooting his guns in the sky.  Well, come to find out that it looks like that's what I'm doing sometimes when I dance.  Yeah, I never claimed to be Ginger Rogers or anything!
My mind wants to play the association game again so I think that Yosemity's name is inspired by Yosemity National Park and there are some beautiful places there so maybe it really means that I dance beautifully when I'm jacked up on the joy juice???  LOL.... maybe I need to look in the mirror as I dance to see the truth.  Instead I leave you with a picture of Mirror Lake, in the beautiful Yosemity National Park (you can click on it also if you want to read more about it and the park).  I'll take this over a real mirror any day!

The Sun


Provides us with warmth
as it brightens up our lives
the radient sun

Fraggin Friday Part Deux

~weather frag~

Saturday morning was dreary and rainy... probably with threats of snow.  Who really knows, I don't listen to the weather for fear one day they will confirm that they see the apocalypse actually coming.  What I'm trying to say is I considered doing a sun dance and wondered... do I wear a sun dress for that?  If so that would be cold!  I quickly moved on from that thought:-)

~inner child frag~

On Easter I thought to myself "Self, these last 4 years have tried their hardest to beat the inner child out of you... are you gonna allow them to win?"  Well the inner child in me yelled some obscenities that I won't pass on here but the gist of it is "NO!!" Now the inner child is preparing by pulling out the cowboys and Indians gear, including war paint! 

~Monday frag~

I had my weekly argument with Monday.  Sometimes I win and it has to be a nice day rather than a bad one:-)

~ Pondering frag~

Why is it called a car pool?  Are you supposed to know how to swim if you drive cause I’m really not good at swimming?  I guess some would also say I’m not good at driving either so maybe it is comparable.  There really isn’t swimming involved though or water for that matter.  In fact, neither of those would be good things to go along with a vehicle.

~O 2 B Healthy frag~

I'm stockpiling purchases to gear up for the new healthier me.  Hopefully they don't just sit in that pile to collect dust bunnies the size of me.

~ Craving frag~

Sometimes I think to get over a craving you just need to give into it.  Then I realize that if you give into a temperamental child you just create a monster.  Yeah, I'll need to rethink that craving thing!
~ Bug frag~

I have a weird kind of fascination with bugs.  Back in Jr High I once had to make a bug collection for a science class and I think it stems back to that.  Well, it's before that actually cause I used to catch grasshoppers, stare at the dragonflies flying over a field we lived by for hours, hunt down the crickets that annoyed me with their chirping, investigated crazy looking caterpillars... I'm telling it was CRAZY, collected worms to see how far they could stretch... let's just say I multiplied the earthworm community for a while with that one.  Yeah, I could go on and on which may defeat the fragment part of things so I'll stop there:-)

~ Clarification frag~

I should just say one more thing on the bugs... I like them in their habitat, not mine!  Oh, just one more... no human bugs!

~Plans frag~

I have Friday off of work and will spend Saturday in a car.  Ok not all of it but we have a long ride to the boyfriend's family function.  Is it weird that I'm a people person and not a people person all at the same time?  Yeah, hopefully things go ok and I'm not rooted to the wall or chair... is there a such thing as a chair flower??
~ Spring frag~

Speaking of flowers... I realized that many people have spring flowers in theirs yards despite this crazy weather!  It was actually nice today so maybe winter is finally down for it's nap!

~Nix Late Night Cooking frag~

I love me some sauerkraut as much as the next person, German or not, but that doesn't mean I want to smell it cooking at 10 minutes to midnight man... er, um I mean woman!  The house pest to be precise:-)

~The End frag~

Well once again this fragging segment has come to an end.  Hope you enjoyed it... ya'll come back now ya hear??? 

High in the Sky

Some think we're crazy but we like it high
so far up you'd think we could fly.
It's a weird fascination don't ask us why
maybe we just want to be part of the sky.

We can look down on you all for a change
way up here, far out of your range.
When we are down there you all think we're strange
and that we'll most likely pass on the mange.

It's peaceful up here except for the planes
better than feeling like being kept by chains.
No one to run over us like steam engine trains
and no one to baffle our worn out brains.

The city's so small way down below
and every Tom, Dick and Sherry run to and fro
all anxious and stressed to make tons of dough
while way up here we bask in the sun's glow.

We come down to visit once and a while
and we greet you all with a friendly smile
but you all really seem so very hostile
That we come to realize being high is our style.

I just let the fingers flow on this one but I don't flow from experience and I never inhaled!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

X is for Xylocopa

Next time I'm gonna talk about some hot carpenters within their ear shot I'm going to refer to them as xylocopa.  If I keep the adjectives vague enough they will never figure it out!  Ok, I hope they won't cause who knows?  They may know that it's a carpenter bee and make the association;-)

That's right, xylocopa is the scientific name for carpenter bees.  Turns out these bees like to make their nests in dead wood and that's how they get their name.  Here is a picture and if you click on it you'll be brought to the page where it came from with all sorts of info on them:

Carpenters may be busy like bees but they don't work for pollen that's for sure!  Hopefully they aren't working with dead wood either but if they are then maybe you will also have an encounter with the real xylocopa;-)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

B is for Balkanized

Jenny Matlock

Today I have for you the word balkanized.  I caution you now that the end of this blog may not be pretty!  Here is what the Merriam-Webster dictionary has to say about it:

Balkanized means "broken up (as a region or group) into smaller and often hostile units."

It comes from the Balkan peninsula, a region that was carved up into smaller states during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

So what that means to me is that it is an awesome way to describe the war against fat that I need to wage!  I'm gonna totally balkanize so that it can fight amongst itself.  Fat is definitely hostile, it's not going to go easy!  I figure if you break it down then each section will fight the next so that it can survive.  Slowly each unit will hopefully die, leaving only the strong to survive.  In this story the strong is the muscle that will build up and eradicate any hostile units remaining! Some of the less hostile units will be allowed to remain under the leadership of the muscle.  It'll be a long road to travel, there will be bumps along the way but inner peace will be found at the end so let the balkanizing begin....

Contrary to what anyone may say, that is not me in the picture.... just an example of someone balkanizing.  No plump people were hurt in the making of this blog however, there are high hopes of fat cells being hurt as time goes on;-)

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W is for Waffler

Today W is for Waffler.  Not waffle but waffler.  I want to think that it's the person who makes the Eggos Waffles but alas it's not.  It's a person that speaks or writes in an evasive manner or another definition says someone who writes foolishly.  Um, uh-hem... is that me??

Yeah, I'll go back to the belief that it's one who makes waffles... or at least the machine that makes them.  You know, like an ice cream scooper is one who scoops ice cream or the utensil used to scoop it.  Or better yet a toaster!
Speaking of toasters and waffles, why are they called Eggos?  They aren't eggs, isn't that a little misleading?  I mean, as a kid I was fooled into thinking I could cook eggs in a toaster because of them.  My parent's didn't want to buy them so I figured hey, crack an egg up in that toaster and let the cooking begin.... homemade Eggos.  Yeah, not such a good idea.  A little dangerous in fact so do not try it at home!  A toaster is definitely NOT a waffler!

Now the question is pancakes or waffles, which are best?  One soaks up the butter and syrup and one has little pockets that capture it.  Hmmmm, which do you prefer?  Don't be a waffler in the true sense of the word, you have to choose one or the other:-)

And for an little extra fun, what was your favorite playground equipment as a kid... or now even;-)  The swing or the slide.  Not swing as in swingers or slide as in sliders either.... LOL

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Boob Tube

It's sometimes called the boob tube
although I don't know why.
If I ever saw it wear a bra
from laughter I might die.

I like to watch it this I know
but gay I'm not I swear.
Not that anything's wrong with that
but for boobies I don't care.

Yes it's true I have a pair
but the TV, it has none.
One of these days I may dress it up
with a bra of mine just for fun!

Dreaming of You

As the sun rises, the eyelids do too
which is a shame cause I was dreaming of you.
All the fun times we’ve had over the years
in all kinds of locations without any fears.

We were always in groups, never alone
and we seem to match like ice cream and cone.
I must admit that I could live without you
but it’s more fun together from my point of view.

A heads up now if you don’t already know,
I do lack some grace so you’ll have to keep me in tow.
Yep I’ve been dreaming of you both day and night
we’ve been apart for so long it just doesn’t seem right.

So it’s time once again to gather up friends
and hope that each and every one of them attends.
It’s happy hour ya’ll, from both near and far
all we got to do is come up with the right bar.

This will provide us with some laughter and fun
and time for me to reconnect with my beloved one.
You may ask yourself who it is I dream of
well it’s not all of you but I say that with love.

What I actually dream of is a huge margarita
and maybe chips with cheese that’s better than Velveeta!

V is for Verification

V is for verification and no, of course not the dictionary definition of it... you should know me by now:-)  Now this one may be a stretch for those of you that use proper speech and all but here goes. 

I like to daydream, A LOT!  If I'm in the midst of a daydreaming trip and someone interrupts me so that it appears as if I'm not listening then I think "How verification of me... vacations over, LISTEN UP!"  Then I try to catch up to what the heck is being said so that they don't catch me... I could be sun bathing in the nude at the time or something, they'd be skerrd!

I'm often being verificationing after a long day's work.  It's a great way to unwind.  You just have to ease into that one slowly though cause unwinding too fast can make one dizzy and with extreme dizziness comes vomiting... we don't want any of that on our daydreaming trip now do we?!?!

Now I've mentioned my house pests in a few of the last posts.  A few too many probably but thems the breaks right now.  These house pests are my sister and her kids, not pests of the insect nature.  I almost think the insects would be easier to get rid of, maybe less damaging... eh, it all depends on the type I suppose.  Anyways, I bring them up here just to specify that it is human pests not insectual (LOL.... I made that up and it sounds like a bug fetish!) for those who've read past posts and may be visiting again.  Thanks to you return readers by the way!  Man, now I got off on a tangent again.  The other reason was to explain that it's hard to be verificationing with them around cause they have a way of bringing the ship down... so to say:-)

Soon it will be smooth sailing and I'll be verificationing once again in my home, can't wait! 

Monday, April 25, 2011

Bathed in the Light

Wrapped in the warmth of a lover's arms
seduced by his whispers and his charms
if I knew then he couldn't leave the farms
that would have set off many alarms.

He was quite the stallion, broad and strong
and he like to wear his hair rather long.
He loved to prance around in a thong
and that I knew was a little bit wrong.

One moonlit night we ventured a bit too far
off of the farm following a star.
Bathed in the light was a sight quite bizarre,
he wasn't a man at all he was a centaur!

True Love

When the one whose hand you’re holding
is the one who holds your heart
all you really think about
is how you have to fart.

It’s pretty gross but also true
probably psychological at best
but it’s hard to squeeze & lock
when you’re comfy and at rest.

If they love you they won’t run
in fact they just may cheer
and then push one out them selves
that they’ve been holding in with fear

U is for Uranus

Now I'm not going to give you facts cause I really don't know any off the top of my head and I'm too lazy to look them up right now.  No pictures either cause the last time I checked the realistic ones were rather boring cause it's sort of a plain looking planet.  U is for Uranus... if you ask me I think that planet got the bum end of the naming scheme.... LOL... get it??  Sorry, I crack me up sometimes and I just need to go where the fingers take me as I do these blogs, which means they wanted to show how crazy I am that I think I'm funny.  Dang fingers! 

I don't know about you but every time I hear the name Uranus all I think about are jokes and how we Earthlings are lucky that it's Earth we live on and not Uranus... imagine if all of us lived on Uranus... that could be painful.  Ok, sorry... I tell ya the fingers just go with what pops into my head.  That's just one of the dangers of typing rather than writing I guess:-)

So I decided to try to add a little blurb about Uranus after all and what do I find on the first site I look at??  The planet is considered to be a gas giant!  Bwahahahahaha, seriously folks it says that!  Check it for yourself at Planets and Moons.  That must be why it's called Uranus, people have told me about your gas problem... sorry I promised not to tell... oops, there I go again on that joke tangent and at your expense this time.  Sorry.  Bad fingers... quite typing everything!  Ok, before I get into too much trouble I'll end things here with a pic of the planet from that site:

Uranus in true & false color

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Defected Mansion

"If Hugh Heffner can do it so can I"
that's the thought from this crazy guy.
He thought he could do it who knows why
but at least he gave it a very good try.
It's a Playgirl mansion that was on his mind,
a place where men would show off their behind
and girls would have the opportunity to find
some realease from living the stressful daily grind.

But things didn't really go as he expected
and attendance wasn't what he had projected
since all of the invites he sent were rejected
because most of his playmates appeared defected.
Jenny Matlock

Versatile Blogger

This award comes with some rules. Here are the rules:
Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post. 
Tell us seven things about yourself 
Award fifteen recently discovered new bloggers

This award was given to me by Writing with Debra.  It is through her blog that I've found and began participating in some fun weekly blogs.  Everyone should stop in and check out her blog, if they don't already!

7 Things about me:

1)  I love to learn about new cultures or even just new people. 
2)  I'm very open minded, I truely believe in the saying "To each his own."
3)  Writing is my creative outlet and provides me with a much needed stress reliever.
4)  I used to think I had no stress until I was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism and told that stress is a factor in what ultimately caused that. 
5)  I really dislike going to the doctor, hate taking pills, and despise the dentist!
6)  My sister and her kids have lived with me for going on 4 years now and I refer to them as my house pests.
7)  I hope to be rid of said house pests within the next month or so!

Man, it's tough to come up with 7 things about me but even tougher to pass this award on to 15 others!  I have another award that I have yet to pass on so now I've got to find 30 others.  Whew!!  As I've mentioned in the past, I'm new to the blogging community so I'll have to do some search & discovery before I can pass this one on also. 

This will also double as my Sprout blog because it sprouts new friendships and connections as I search:-)

To be continued.... 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday.... Affirmations

Fed up with pestulance, moving on!

These 6 words I dedicate to my house pests that will soon be gone, hopefully... not without force mind you but hopefully gone:-)

T is a Twofer

Today's letter is T and what's better than a twofer??  So let's begin...
T is for Tangelo my Moluccan Cockatoo.  I've had him since birth and he is now about 10 years old or so.  I love him to death... ok, maybe not to death cause that may be a little counterproductive, or something.  I think I've blogged about him, or mentioned him in blogs a lot recently so I won't go on and on about him.  I just couldn't let T pass by and not mention him since Karma and Mogli got their mentions on the K and M days.  Now there is a great story and poem about a near death experience he once had if you'd like to read more about him here are those links:  Vacuum Nemesis and Dear Melanie.  Here's one of my favorite pictures of Tangelo before we move on to the next T:

T is also for Tattoo.  Man, I love me some tattoos!  There is the stigma that goes with them of course but more and more people accept them now a days.  Sure you still get some that shoot ya looks but hey, I like to think they are just jealous:-)  Ok, maybe they really aren't but I can think what I want... just like they can.  I'm attracted to the art of it and the individuality of it.  Why people get what they get and what they mean to them.  It's interesting cause I get mine and most of the time I don't really feel like I think about a meaning behind them but later there is... I do equate things to them.  It's also interesting that people see me and would never guess that I have 24 of them:-)  Yeah, 24 and room for more!  There is something about the pain involved in the process that is also cathartic.  Yes they hurt, people always ask that.  The hurt is so worth the results though.  I'll leave you with a little collage of a few of my favorites


If you missed the alphablogs for Karma and Mogli then here are those links:
K is for Karma
M is for Mogli

Friday, April 22, 2011

Fragging Friday

In the time it takes you to write your fragments, you could be eating a whole pan of brownies. That's just one benefit of fragging on Fridays (weight gain prevention). Friday Fragments keep our hands busy! Of course, it's also a fantastic way to empty our minds of clutter. Friday Fragments are the bits and pieces that were too small to be stand-alone posts but too good to discard. Let's frag--Shall we?
I often walk through the thought paths of my mind and wonder where the heck I am, how I got where I am or how the heck do I get out?  It can be quite discombobulating at times.
I've decided that I love Kevin Smith.  The director/actor/podcaster.  Yeah, that's really all I have to say about that, he just makes me laugh I can't help it:-)
I watch entirely too much TV.  When I think about all the time I spend watching rather than reading or writing or socializing I get all.... irritated cause I've missed what the heck happened in the show and I have to rewind to get back on track!
In the same vain as the last fragment.... I love my Tivo and DVR!  Especially cause I can rewind when I miss things and I can fast forward through commercials.
Mexican food is oh so yummy, I could eat it every single day.  Oh & a margarita with it ain't too shabby either:-)
I really need to eat healthier and work on that whole weight loss thing....
Should I blog about the weight loss thing?  Will it help me stick to it if held accountable in blog?  Hmmmm, that's a frag to ponder
I love my doggie, she's sooooo cute:-)
May is right around the corner and we had a few glimpses of Spring but it's must have gotten scared and went back into hibernation cause it's no where to been seen lately. 
Blogging is addictive, do I have the time to put towards it?  Maybe if I give up some TV time.  Hmmmm, or watch TV as I blog... that can work too:-)

Spring Vacation

Spring has forgotten
to come back from vacation
so Winter won't leave

Stylish Blogger Award

To accept the award, you have to do the following:

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 10-15 blogs who you think deserve this award.
4. Contact these bloggers and let them know about the award.

I was honored with this reward by the bloggers at Poetry:Wellspring of the Soul.  It's always great to be recognized so I thank them for that!  Stop in and check out their blog for all the creativity they have to offer.  Now on with the 2nd task, 7 things about me....

1)  I love to rhyme and do it all the time:-)
2) I'm very quiet and reserved in person but quite observant.
3) I have yet to find a horror/suspense/thriller type movie that really scares me.
4) I love word play and innuendo!
5) I can understand German better than I can speak it but I'm fluent in sarcasm.
6) I love art of all kinds
7) I have 24 tattoos and space for more;-)

I'll have to take some time to honor tasks 3 & 4 since I've just recently became aware of all the great blogs out here and have yet to get to know them well enough to find some that I'd like to pass this award on to.

Since this award starts with an S this blog will also double for the A-Z blog.... S is for Stylish Blogger:-) 


The passing on of the awards is to be continued.....

Hamster Ball

"What qualities do you look for in a role model?", that's the question for today's Sprout blog.

Well, to achieve maximum distance and speed I'd say that it would need to be round, smooth, dense and have a very large hill to travel down.  It would be excellent if I could be inside it also.  It may be a little nauseating but oh so fun!  I already walk the skyways of down town St. Paul and feel like a hamster in a habitrail so why not look like one... in one of these:

Oh, wait...  I was confused and thought you wanted to know about a roll model, my bad;-)  I read topic and went with the idea that sprouted:-)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Go The Distance

Generations of people should really review
Often they just bid their lives adieu

Take heed, it's time for us all to get a clue
Help may not always be in our life's queue
Each of us has bad habits that we must subdue

Decide what path is best for you
Indulge in free time often too
Stay on course no matter what you do
Today is a new day, believe it's true
And another day will make its debut
Never give up always forge through
Cause if you don't you'll just be blue
Everything happens for a reason don't misconstrue

R is for Restitution


Ok, come on ya'll say it with me now.... RESTITUTION!  Now I know what it really means but what I'm going to tell you today is what it sounds like it should mean.  Think about it, think about it... what does that word sound like??

Restitution ~ being paid to rest

Right?  I mean prostitution is being paid for.... well, you know;-)  So why shouldn't restitution be similar, only it's PG or G rated resting mind you.  No where in that word is it telling me that I have to somehow pay some one back for something I took from them in some way, shape or form.  Sure the 'rest' portion of it is derived from the word 'restore' but come on.  Isn't that what the 'rest' I'm talking about does too?  It restores you from being worn out or tired.  Imagine if we could get paid for that!  How awesome would it be? 

I wonder if it would then become against the law like prostitution is?  Hmmmmm, only if you make your rest fall into the rated R, X, or XXX category I'm thinking.  Maybe even unrated cause you just never know exactly why it's unable to be rated.  It would then only be legal in maybe Vegas and most people are resting there already, some get paid... they may spend quite a bit to do so but hey, they are on their way.  I suppose maybe it would be ok in Amsterdam also but I haven't been there yet so I'm not too positive, I'd think things would get rather crazy there and maybe not too much resting going on.  

So that's my word for today folks, restitution.  Learn it, love it, use it.... let's try to figure out how to earn for it! 

A is for Animal

Jenny Matlock

I do love me some animals of the wild and tame persuassion however those are not the type I'm here to talk about today folks.  Today we are going to talk about the Animal of the muppet persuassion!

How can you not love a face like that right??  He is a chic magnet though so watch out girls.  He is the drummer in a band after all.  Sure he's a little hard to understand so communication could be an issue but the language of love and music is universal so it's all good. 

Yeah, animals are great but this Animal can be wild and tame also you just need to know how to handle him:-)

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