Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Times... they need to be changing!

On March 29, 2011 at approximately 1:00 p.m. (you don’t really take note of the time when interrupted by voices within) I was introduced to Petunia Patty. She’s a rather portly little voice but you hear her none the less, be sure of that!

Petunia informed me that she was speaking on behalf of all the other voices inside and wanted it to be known that times… they need to be changing! Now I was quite surprised by the new voice but I’m used to them using movie/music/TV or rhyme when they speak. They are a little peculiar in that sense and I think it’s why I myself don’t really have that skill of remembering lines and such from any of those things… unless they are more well known ones or some of the voices favorites. On occasion things get really crazy up in here, my head that is, and then I can't understand them all but I picture them as a mix of my Moluccan cockatoo, Tangelo, and my Miniature Pinscher, Mogli.  Now you probably don't know them but they have the general characteristics of those breeds plus some.  Here are some links to past poems and blogs about them that may help:


Anyways, Petunia informed me that the times need to change. While I agree with her I’m not quite sure if we are thinking of the same times cause, to be fair, the song is from the… 70’s??? How do I know if Petunia is in real time cause Bartholomew is from 1502 and I just assumed he was from the 90’s, at least cause he goes by Bart. I later found out that his favorite show is the Simpson’s so he decided to adopt the personality of Bart Simpson cause his was too stuffy.  Yeah, needless to say I've learned to ask questions.  So Petunia informs me that we are on the same page and these times need to be changing but she isn't quite prepared to tell me exactly how.  All she would really say was that I should allow her to be introduced and let the voices within out more cause they are feeling a bit cooped up, which could lead to a stint in the mental health ward for me if they explode.  Now Regions Hospital  is building a new mental health facility but it hasn't even begun yet and could take years to be completed so I'd like to put off a visit until it's done, hence this blog & the more frequent ones to come:-)

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