Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Slip Knot


They say a stitch in time saves 9
well in this case it just may be true
cause as I’m knitting away
I’m thinking I’m stabbing at you

It may sound violent, this I know
but I’m near the end of my skein
and it’s only in my mind you see
cause I would never stoop that low

It’s funny that I feel that way
cause it’s obvious that you do not
for it seems that every chance you get
all you do is scheme and plot

The difference is that your pattern
leaves you with a knotted mess
and rather than correct your path
you just keep going with no concern

While all along it’s a scarf I weave
and of this you should beware
for I have some pearls of wisdom
that I’d be happy just to share

I’m well past saving 9 you see
And the skein is now all gone
so now it’s time to cast on you
this scarf, it’ll look great, trust me

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