Monday, January 31, 2011

Self Made Prison


A self made prison
that’s what you see
you see the structure
but you don’t see me

I hide deep inside
where I feel safe
it’s a lot of work
to protect a waif

The structure’s sound
but I must deceive
because if I fail
there is no reprieve

No cake will work
no file will chafe
it takes a sneak attack
or an inner strafe

The shades are drawn
but there are no bars
I enjoy the view
and maintain the scars

A few do visit
but their stay is short
because most desire
a more welcoming port

Like lightening bugs
that are kept in jars
you may see the spark
in my eyes like stars

As I scheme and plan
for ways to thwart
my inner sanctum
while avoiding court

It’s a lot of work
as I said before
but I’m up to it
forever more

There are many layers
and I’m here to stay
sometimes I’ll hide
while others I’ll play

I may be alone
or a downright bore
but I’m simply me
not an attention whore

A self made prison
where I’m tucked away
but I hold the key
against those that prey

3 Unleashed voices:

Mrs4444 said...

This is beautiful. I'm sure a lot of people can relate to this feeling. Thanks for sharing your heart.

42N said...

Beautiful. Nicely written.

Emily said...

Wow. Not sure what to say except that I hope you are able to find some happiness and peace.

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