Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Harpooning Worries


A forest of worries flutters in your mind,
you’re running out of things to hide it behind.
Little by little it flows from within
as you start to see letting go isn’t sin.

You think it’s the end
but it’s only begun
you can ease on in
with a little dry run.

It comes out in spurts then, it streams and it flows
while you pick and choose just how much to expose.
You test the boundaries to see what is safe,
making an effort to lessen the chafe.

But do not worry
you can’t protect all,
it can be handled
be it big be it small.

Your strength won’t be questioned by setting it free
and no one would laugh if your tears form a sea.
We would all grab a boat and gladly set sail
to chase those worries as if harpooning a whale.

Please note, there were no thoughts of harming actual whales while creating this poem and the last line is only a metaphor;-)

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