Friday, October 22, 2010

Zombie Life


There is a numbness in my head
a loss of feeling now gone and dead.
Things of the past can’t be unsaid
the stuff in text can’t be unread.

The brain it rots from outside in
there are no longer thoughts that spin.
The leaking process will begin
but in the long run it can not win.

With me I carry blooming hope
that pain and sadness will soon elope,
but it will take time I’m not a dope
so in the meantime I try to cope.

The bugs they linger for their chance
I see them give me that forlorn glance
but I won’t give in, I will not dance,
I just say NO to a creepy romance.

Inside a light continues to glow
and not a flame that someone can blow
so as long as life continues to flow
the blossom of hope will flourish and grow.

A zombie life is what I’ve lead
and brains I’ve picked but I’ve never fed.
If you’ve listened close I’ve often said,
“One day I’ll awaken from the undead.”

inspired by art from John Schwegel

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