Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Walk

From this view what do you see
besides the obvious beauty
The sun shines down to show the scene
and everything appears so clean

But as I walk I contemplate
all that’s happened up to this date
The road ahead leads to some peace
a way for me to just release

The water is a calming friend
that’s with me to the very end
The sprays its way of sharing tears
The waves, reflection of my fears

Up ahead comes another view
a way to see I made it through
I climb up and take it all in
and see that I must fight to win

It’s a long well worn road to take
a lot left behind in its quake
In the end there’s a saving grace
for none of it would I erase

Picture taken by me in Two Harbors, Mn at the breakwater in Burlington Bay, 4/8/2010

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