Thursday, April 1, 2010

Crazy Express


I never claimed that I was sane,
there’s an asylum in this membrane.
If you want to join in please don’t refrain
just hop on aboard the crazy train.

We’re throwing a white party, be prepared.
There are buckles and straps but don’t be scared.
It’s often a comfort to be ensnared
so come on aboard, you’re double dog dared.

The weirder you are the better you’ll fit
but corruption’s our fav we must admit.
There is no expectation to commit
but your personality just may split.

There will be party hats and games galore,
the psyche’s a labyrinth you’ll want to explore.
Here is where crazy is allowed to soar,
let it loose to boogie on the dance floor.

The joint will be jumping so windows are locked
by that little fact I’m sure you’re not shocked.
The food and drinks will forever be stocked
and this is one place you’ll never be mocked.

The ride may be bumpy that you can trust.
There are ups and downs and maybe disgust,
and when there is someone that must combust
the rest will gather to settle the dust.

So come on aboard the crazy express
and leave behind all of life’s daily stress.
Think of it as your inner child’s recess
I’m there most of the time, I must confess.

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