Thursday, February 18, 2010



It all boils down to trust
Not an option, it’s a must
If it’s not there you’ll be cussed
And left to take in my dust

It’s a complicated weave
Being formed when you deceive
And it’s true that I will grieve
But just know I will still leave

Be you friend or family
It don’t matter much to me
It’s still the same rules you see
If I can’t trust I will flee

I may be there physically
It’s my heart that will not be
I may be there mentally
But in my mind I am free

Please don’t think that I’m naïve
Or that I’ll cry on your sleeve
I am strong, you must believe
And my love you won’t retrieve

Our relationship will rust
Feelings of the past a bust
And although we may adjust
We will never have pure trust

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